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ZARA designs and sells most of men's and women's apparel as dresses, jackets, shoes, jeans, scarves and a choice of accessories as sunglasses, bags and wallets.

Zara Clothing News

September 7th 2011
The official online store is now open for the US clients. The waiting is over.
March 22nd 2011
The new spring ZARA collection is out, the colors are bright and full of sunshine, enjoyable looks and trendy atmosphere. Check out the new items on our blog, combinations of slim trousers with jackets of special designs make this spring collection blossom with light.
January 10th 2011
Started on the 23rd of December, the sale season is not over. You can still enjoy discounts on your favorite styles while Zara continues to celebrate by offering more fashionable clothing in the new year of 2011.
December 26
This Boxing Day is expected to bring a massive flow of customers to Zara as it announced SALES on the 26th of December. Hurry up to see and buy your favorites with discounts up to 50%.
December 18
With the new stores recently open in some Asian countries and the online presence made a huge positive impact on the overall profit of the company reaching a 42% growth comparing to the previous year as reported by Inditex Group.
December 1
It's right about time to start X-mas shopping and Zara clothing has it all for your family. New designs for men, women, teenagers and kids arrive on a weekly basis. There is plenty to choose from for any age. Classical cuts and last minute trends in shoes, dresses, tops, party suits and a great choice of accessories will not leave you indifferent. Visit our blog to see what's good to wear for the New Years Eve of 2011.

Amazingly popular in almost every country of the globe, Zara clothing holds the label which has become symbolic to excellent quality and stunning neoteric design. The company is known for its capability to adapt to the market needs in a record winning short time, inventing, designing, manufacturing and distributing the new styles to the stores in a matter of 10 days on the average. As a result, the stores fully change their items every month. In the UK alone it has its stores in 48 cities, making the brand the most accustomed retailer in the country. ZARA is also taking over the American continents by opening multiple locations in The US, Canada and South American countries. Most of the US cities already have a good number of Zara locations and there are plans to open twice as many stores.
Zara clothing - cashmere swan sweater
ZARA clothing
Zara clothing - skinny jeans

Zara clothing online store
Zara clothing had never been sold on the official site, it was their policy to distribute up-to-date fashion only to the retail stores worldwide, but starting from September 2010 the company decided to change its attitude to the business model. Recession and drop in sales made the headquarters in Spain rethink the established and previously well working strategy. The retailer is now building an online store for their devoted customers in Europe having plans for the future to expand further to other countries. The modern technology world makes shopping of the future different and ZARA had to adapt to it. Online shopping for clothes is very popular in the US and becoming widespread in Europe and Asia. The online store is now open for the customers from Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy and the UK. As of November 4th 2010 you can shop from Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Ireland and Netherlands. The online shopping is finally available (from September 7th 2011) to ZARA clothing fans in the USA.

Zara clothing - Alpaca wool long coat

Zara Baggy jeans


Zara clothing - Tube dess

Zara clothing - Tube dress

Zara Sleeveless dress

Zara Palazzo trousers

Business structure
ZARA holds two sale sessions each year offering discounts up to 60%. We will be covering the next one which will start in the end of December (Boxing Day) and will continue through January each year, stay tuned for the updates on recommended Zara items. Fashion Auctions devotes this page to one of the fastest growing companies and not only in the fashion world, to the ideal business system and the leading industrial giant.
Buy now or never
The company has a limited number of items per model for sale on the official site. This is quite frustrating for the shoppers for Zara clothing as the demand for some fashionable pieces is really high and most of the willing-to-buy customers browse the net looking for their preferred wear elsewhere. This problem is aggravated by the fact that the store never does resupplies of the same item, replacing it with a totally new and different style. And it does also apply to the retail stores as ZARA is usually packed with customers during such seasons and line up for the dressing rooms to take the lovely dress you wanted to wear for one of the up-coming parties, it might as well be the last one in stock. Hurry up with your Xmas shopping.

Collection reviews
Gathered blouseGathered blouse. This gathered blouse is a wonderful way to slip into comfort while keeping up with the latest trends. Made from 100 percent polyester, this ZARA top has a sheer, lightweight fabric that gives it a sultry appeal. Yet before it gets too revealing, the shirt brings itself together with feminine gathered fabric along the shoulders. The sleeveless straps are also lined in delicate ruffles.
The front is cut into a V-neck and tied at the center with a small string. Buttons line the middle of the blouse and the hemline falls past the hip. If you choose to wear a top underneath the shirt, you can leave some of the buttons unfastened. The back of the shirt is high-cut, featuring the same ruffled sleeves and flowy hemline. Available in green and deep blue colors, this top looks adorable with a pair of cut-off jeans. Try them with in different colors, along with a colored belt and jewelry and you have a fresh, summery look.
Skinny Stretch JeansSkinny Stretch Jeans. If you love the look of skinny jeans but can’t get enough of comfortable stretch pants, these jeans offer the best of two worlds. Made from cotton and elastane, the pants are super comfortable and go on easy. Unlike other denim jeans, this style slims down the waist, hips and legs for a sleek appearance. And, you can enjoy the skinny style that’s so popular with today’s fashions. Wear these pants with anything, such as a solid cotton tee or flower print blouse.
Available in a light blue color, the front of the design has a washed-out look around the thighs and knees. With this natural coloring, you won’t have to worry about the denim fading. The hems come down to the ankles and can be rolled up for a rugged look. The top front also features two pockets, while the back has a patch pocket on either side. Gold seams and buttons complete these trendsetting jeans from ZARA.
Lurex CardiganLurex Cardigan. This smartly designed cardigan is made from Lurex, a metallic yarn that looks extraordinary on knit sweaters. Coming across bold and brilliant, this top is available in dark orange and ecru colors and is the perfect piece to wear on a cool, breezy day. Since this top is often used for layering, it remains roomy enough that either a light tee or heavy sweater can be worn underneath. To complete the look, a denim skirt and casual sandals are best.

The Lurex cardigan is made from a cotton and polyester blend, being comfortable and warm. The fabric forms delicate squares that are woven with metallic yarn in between. The rest of the design features a V-neck, button-down front and mid-length sleeves. This ZARA top is outlined in a thick hemline, cuffs and neck, giving the loose-fitting sweater added definition. Wear the shirt buttoned closed or open depending on your personal style.

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