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Zara clothing manufacturer is a world famous fashion retailer producing trendy apparel items and selling them in its multiple stores for less. The company acquired trust of their devoted clients in the UK through the unique talent in the fashion industry, precise coordination and full control at production and distribution.

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Zara UK
Zara label remains very popular in the UK with locations spread across the country. Zara UK opened its stores in as many as 48 cities of the Kingdom and the customers just love to dress up with style and always consider the products at a reasonable price. Fashion stores in Britain offer a massive choice of designer clothing of any label, it makes it difficult to survive in such a competition, although Zara clothing stays ever so popular especially during holidays when you see crowds of people standing in lines to the dressing rooms.

Zara UK casual looks

Zara UK officially sells clothing online showing tremendous success since the launch on September 2nd 2010. The stores of the chain in other countries open in numbers every year to catch up with the best store spread offered here. There is a good practice in bringing the store closer to the customer, at least that is how it is in Great Britain.
The retail stores on the other hand complain of having less shoppers which resulted in less sales. The company hopes its clients will enjoy the choice of taking a look and trying the clothes on at its stores and being able to buy them later at hope. Zara UK offers a free pick up after you buy your favorite items online.
Zara store locations in the major UK cities
148, New st
B2 4NY Birmingham
tel. +44 1216160600
Cabot Circus
george White Street
BS1 3BA Bristol
tel. +44 1179451800

66, St Andrews St
CB2 3BZ Cambridge
tel. +44 1223558570

53-57, 63-77, Queen St.
CF 10 2BE cardiff
tel. +44 2920537600
104, Princess St
EH2 4AA Edinburgh
tel. +44 1312403230

Silverburn Shopping centre
Barrhead Road
6QR BL1 Glasgow
tel. +44 1418811322

White Rose Shopping Centre
A653, Milshaw Road
LS11 8LS Leeds
tel. +44 1132055320

liverpool One
St. John St
L1 8BJ Liverpool
tel. +44 1517037360

Trafford Centre
6, The Dome
M17 8DF Manchester
tel. +441617463700
4B, High Street - 10 Pelham St.
NG1 2ET Nottingham
tel. +44 1159348780

Clarendon Centre
Cornmarket St
OX1 3HJ Oxford
tel. +44 1865208700

78, High Street
S9 1EN Sheffield
tel. +44 1142516420

Harlequin Centre
New Msu
WD17 2TG Watford
tel. +44 1923479400
1-17, Spurriergate
YO1 9QR York
tel. +44 1904686600

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