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The world of fashion would not be the same without the clothing from the leading American designers as Calvin Klein, Ralph Laurel, Kenneth Cole and others. The American fashion always carries its unique style, high quality, beautiful fabrics. Glamorous outfits from Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Nicole Miller and other American fashion designers are well known and preferred by Hollywood celebrities, of course, makeing a special impression on everyone in the world. The best examples would be the most popular American clothing collections, designed to emphasize your individuality, becoming part of your style. The focus of the American fashion stays on the designers - the trend makers - the "Olympus" of the American fashion industry presented in our list below...

Calvin Klein clothing is brought to life by a famous American fashion designer Calvin Klein, his brand name, launched in 1968 is well known around the world. "CK One" and "CK Be", Calvin Klein Underwear, CK watches and jewelry, CK Jeans and sportswear are the lines that aquired fame for their quality and design.

Ralph Lauren is a famous American designer - "The Legend of fashion". Ralph Lauren is one of the most popular designers in America and worldwide. His style is simply the natural one.

Kenneth Cole is mainly known for it's shoes and their famous slogan says it all: "What you stand for is more important than what you stand in", nontheless Kenneth Cole clothing is considered highly fashionable, carrying the trendy mark.
Bill Blass clothing became famous for its classical looks of an everyday wear and extravagant evening gowns, combining the trend of fashion and sport of the American style with the European elegance.
Liz Claiborne designs were created for ordinary women, not for models with unthinkably thin silhouettes.She decided to challenge that demanded attention, and performed it with elegance, style and an enviable simplicity
Tommy Hilfiger clothing represents high-end line that found mostly in brandname boutiques "Tommy Hilfiger". The clothing line has Tommy sport and Tommy Sailing divisiong as well.
DKNY clothing A line of DKNY clothing launched in 1989 by Karan seeks to convey the spirit and energy of a huge multi-ethnic New York.
Betsey Johnson's clothing is always shown with great success with unique Hair, frankly open body parts, plenty of lurex, corsets, nettlike stockings, shining shoes, bright colors and lots of other things, a partiqular sort of Betsey Johnson fashion.
Charles David represents a line of high-end quality leather apparel and shoes. Charles David is an American fashion designer who continues his family owned busness by selling European shoes in 1987. The first Charles David clothing sale point opened in Los Angeles in 1988. The brand today specializes mostly in luxury shoe design and distribution as well as fashionable purses and handbags that feature a unique Charles David style.
Perry Ellis is an American fashion designer who was famous in the mid-seventies of the last century. He was also the founder of the first sportswear fashion house. Perry Ellis was born on the 3rd of March 1940 in the Portsmouth. His family belonged to the middle class as his father worked for Coal & Oil company recieving good income.
Hollister clothing is sold under the brand HCO (Hollister California), or simply Hollister. Its an American fashion trademark created for people who enjoy Californian lifestyle.
Michael Kors is well recognized in following the direction of sporty styles in fashion.  The collections have always been noticed made of the most prestigious fur tailored by Pologeorgis. The style of Michael Kors clothing features casual comfort, multiplied by the confident luxury materials.
Quiksilver clothing A leading provider of surfing and snowboarding apparel and accessories, Quiksilver is based in California and has stores across the world.

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