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Todayís fashion trends are equally stunning and powerful, designed for men and women who tackle the demanding lives of city working and living. Falling in line with Karanís vision, these outfits combine office and modern fashion and can be worn from day to play. The newest Spring 2011 collection includes a light color palette filled with khaki colors and bursts of pinks, creams and baby blues. Black details such as scarves, oversized buttons, ribbons and bows complete the energetic city look that the label so gracefully captures.Tailored blazers made from denim and featuring three-quarter length sleeves are worn over ruffled skirts, while khaki trench coats add warmth and femininity. To give the pieces a flirty edge, layered accents, coral prints and petite bow belts dress up the outfits. Never simple, never boring, DKNYís creations symbolize the New York spirit. Leather handbags and clutches in a range of colors top the accessories and put together the DKNY look.

One of the most recognizable names in American fashion, DKNY (Donna Karan New York) is known for its comfortable and trendy collections of clothing. Established in 1988 by Donna Karan and her late husband, Stephen Weiss, the company was inspired by Karanís daughter, Gabby. In fact, Karan attributes her feminine instincts to the success of her label, as it combines comfort and luxury that flatters the female form. Karan has said that everything she does involves heart, body and soul, which is why the DKNY line of clothing is a representation of whatís important to women.

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Luxe fabrics DKNY

Karan began fantasizing about fashion from a young age, and after attending the Parsons School of Design, she went on to work for Anne Klein. Here, Karan began designing womenís sportswear that was moderately priced, comfortable and fashionable. After all, Karan believed that a woman should feel confident and attractive even while working out. She continued to work for Anne Klein until the designer passed away in 1974 and Karan became co-designer along with Louis DellíOlio at this time. Ten years later, Karanís own label started with a simple bodysuit that was both practical and attractive.
Karan prided herself on no-nonsense outfits that were fashionable, and in 1985, she launched her first collection of power suits. She incorporated what she learned from designing womenís sportswear and combined it with the stylish and flattering qualities. Luxe fabrics and complementing cuts completed these bodysuits that were well-received by the fashion industry without being overly advertised. In fact, Karanís creations rarely seek attention from the headlines and instead sell themselves based on quality fabrics, pleasing silhouettes and undeniable comfort.
Keeping consistent with Karanís vision, her clothing collections featured several different pieces that were interchangeable, leaving women with an endless array of outfits. Not only did the wearer have continual options with Karanís versatile collections, but the pieces could be worn the entire day, translating appropriately from the workplace to a night on the town. Karanís lifestyle collection included everything ďneeded to pull yourself togetherĒ in Karanís words, including hosiery, intimates, eyewear and accessories.

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Karan drew her inspiration from the urban culture of New York, taking note of the fast paced streets filled with people of creative energy and a desire to be ever-changing. Thatís why she added New York to her label, representing the dynamic culture that never knew what was going to come next. Fortunately, Karanís clothing lines were ready for that challenge. Another highlight from Karanís collection: Denim jeans. In an effort to add the perfect pair of jeans to her DKNY label, Karan balanced both comfort and a flattering silhouette, giving women a slice of contemporary fashion. With her daughter by her side, Karan had the ultimate inspiration to dress the young woman.
From her success with the DKNY label, Karan launched a series of collections that were tailored toward particular groups, such as DKNY Kids, DKNY Juniors and DKNY Active, among others. With Karanís idealistic motives to dress a woman from head to toe, she couldnít stop with her clothing collections. To ensure that every detail was perfect, Karan launched her signature fragrances. Supplied in creative bottles and jars, these fragrances went on to be bestsellers.
With the successful goal of luxury clothing that made the body feel at ease, Karan knew she had to offer the same features in a home goods line. She launched the Donna Karan Home collection in 2001 that included cashmere throws, luxurious fabrics and sweet-smelling candles. The DKNY Home collection offered an avant-garde approach to bedding and accessories, once again keeping consistent with the lively, dynamic city culture that she so admired.
In April 2001, Karan sold the DKNY label to LVMH, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey, for $250 million in cash. It remains one of the most prominent labels in American fashion and has multiple flagship stores, including those in London and New York. Karan knew that DKNY was never just about the clothing; instead it was a complete lifestyle. Thatís why she went on to expand her collection to offer all the details, including shoes, belts and eyewear. At the core of her brand are luxe fabrics, black cashmere and authentic leather. Her color palette is comprised mostly of shades of black and blue, obsequious colors for women. Flawlessly balancing urban chic with comfort, the DKNY label is always on the forefront of the fashion industry and the ideal wardrobe for influential, working women.
The menís collection is a tasteful balance of youthful energy and serious businessman, with soft cotton pants in dark colors, fitted jackets, wool caps and slim-fitting suits. Turtlenecks and knitted sweaters are carefully pressed, while impeccable details such as exposed zippers and shearling-lined collars finish off the youthful look. The collection incorporates dark shades of brown, black and grey, and handsome bomber parkas are worn over the simple yet appealing sweaters.
Although Karan sold her label nearly 10 years ago, she continues to be a dominant force in the world, now sharing her creative energy with philanthropic efforts that better the lives of children, families and their respective cultures.



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