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Hollister is a range of casual clothing catering for young people between the ages of 14 and 24.  It is part of the Abercrombie and Fitch Co. and is fictionally associated with California.  Clothes can be bought in stores throughout the US, Canada and in the United Kingdom and there are plans afoot to expand further into Europe.  The company also has online stores where clothes can be purchased. 

The casual beach styles of the clothes have proven to be extremely popular with teens, and clothes are affordable yet trendy.  There is a range of clothes for ‘Dudes’ (boys) including Tops, Bottoms, Outerwear (jackets), Underwear, Gear (accessories including shoes, necklaces, bracelets, belts and hats), and their own range of Cologne and Body Care.  ‘Bettys’ (girls), can choose from a range of apparel including Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Outerwear, Swimwear and Accessories including scarves, flip flops, beach bags, belts and hats.  HCO also provides a range of perfume, body and lip care in their Betty range.

As well as the items above, there is also a variety of vintage jeans to choose from, specialising in the ever popular ‘distressed’ look jeans in styles such as Hermosa Boot, Balboa Classic Straight, Boomer Slim Boot and Huntington Slim Straight for Dudes and Laguna Skinny, Venice Boot, Cali Flare and Oceanside Super Skinny Legging Jean for Bettys. 

The Betty’s range combines a large selection of tops such as short and long sleeved Tees with a variety of logos, colours and designs to choose from.  There are beech fleeces or ‘hoodies’ and a number of sweaters which are either casual or slightly more dressy while still having a relaxed feel to them.  Hollister Co. concentrates largely on the beach look with a range of floral and decorative Camis and Knit tanks.  Another choice for the young teenage girl is the Cali Shirts which come in either ‘laid back’ or ‘button down’ styles.  There are a range of colours and designs in the collection of tops which include a lot of basics such as greens, reds, greys and blues.   

The range of bottoms in the Betty collection again include a lot of basic navies, greens, reds, and black in items such as jeans, and denim or twill shorts.  There is also a choice of Cali Pants which includes fleece jogging bottoms, crop pants and leggings.  Skirts come in a variety of patterns such as checks and florals.  Dresses available are all casual and combine a mixture of short and long styles while still falling under the beach theme, again in basic colours and patterns.

Tops for Dudes include a large range and focus on a surfer theme with short and long Tees in a choice of colours which again focus mainly on blues, greens, reds, blacks and some lighter colours.  Many of the Tees have the Hollister logo on them but there are some which are plain.  There is also a range of Polos and Cali Button Down Shirts which are either plain or check.  In keeping with the popular beach theme for teenagers, there is a large range of Surf Fleeces, Crews & Henleys, Hoodies and Sweaters.  As with the Betty range, the range of bottoms for Dudes includes Jeans, SoCal shorts and pants in twill or fleece.

The stores of the label are all themed with a beachfront and are easily recognised for this reason.  There is a great atmosphere in the stores and teens love going in to check out the new trends.  The stores are a fun and enjoyable meeting place for teens who will happily go in and try out the latest styles in this relaxed setting.  Hollister has become synonymous with casual beach style and is the place to go for all teenagers and adolescents.  The only downside is that you will have to choose another store for more formal wear as Hollister is strictly casual!
The products are sold under the brand HCO (Hollister California), or simply Hollister. Its an American fashion trademark created for people who enjoy Californian lifestyle.  The clothing and other branded products are produced and designed along with the goods of a similar parental company Abercrombie and Fitch. The brand is favored by the younger generation and the brand is currently the second in the line chosen by American teenagers.
The company strategy makes its items a walking advertising due to a good visibility of the brand's name, the logo (seagull) or brand's initials with a unique sepia vintage-styled background and a fictional date of establishment presented on its products as well as on Abercrombie & Fitch.
The clothing lines are divided in a somewhat social way labeling mens clothing as "Dudes" and womens as "Bettys" Hollister California is not only a clothing brand designing and distributing polos, shirts, jeans, flip flops and more, it also made itself popular in a body care industry delivering lotions, deodorants and so on. The styles are also inspired by surfers and their lifestyle, the new products appear with the names of famous surf beaches. The fashionable clothing and beauty products are priced in a moderate way to make them affordable to a high-school buyer.

Sold in 67 store locations in the US, HCO will soon be available to New Yorkers as the company is opening its flagship store on 600 Broadway in July 2009. The company targets international customers in Canada and the United Kingdom.



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