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The Burberry Clothing Group is a British high end luxury fashion house for men, women and children.  They also have a range of accessories for men and women and a range of footwear.  Burberry Clothing is famous for its trademark tartan pattern which was first used as a lining in one of their trench coats in 1924 but was used as a design in its own right in 1967.  Since then it has become one of the most widely known brands in the world.  Burberry clothes are sold all over the world and the company has a catalogue business and also sells a range of fragrances.
Aquascutum clothing originated in London, England and was founded by John Emary.  The fashion house is widely known for its high quality clothing and attention to detail.  With authentic pieces and superb style, Aquascutum is a leader in British fashion.  Most of the Aquascutum outerwear is made in their Northamptonshire factory giving support to the British textile industry.  The name of the fashion house came from its early days as a supplier of apparel to British military officers and the Latin translation of Aquascutum means waterproof.  It was during the 1960s that Aquascutum branched out and began trading in other countries such as USA, Canada, Japan and other European countries. 
Stella McCartney launched her own label in 2001 in collaboration with the Gucci Group.  Her clothing brand includes eyewear, accessories, bags, shoes, fragrances and an organic skincare range.  Stella McCartney has 14 stores but the clothing line is sold in over 600 other stores worldwide in cities including London, Paris, Manhattan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, and Kuwait.  As well as the ready to wear clothes for women, she also created a partnership with Adidas in 2004 where she designed a range of sportswear for women of many sports which now include golf, tennis, yoga, gym, running, swimming, dance and winter sports.
For the sophisticated man, Hackett clothing is one of the most luxurious around.  With top quality apparel, Hackett’s is regarded as one of the most exclusive menswear stores in the UK.  In 1983, Hackett was founded by Jeremy Hackett who wanted to create a stylish high end clothing range for men with deluxe fabrics and with the British Gentleman as its muse.  The clothing designed was of a more traditional style and did not bow to the latest styles and fashion trends but rather depended more on quality pieces.
John Galliano clothing for Autumn Winter 09 was stunning to say the least.  The designs were outrageous and elaborate and full of beautiful pieces including blanket skirts, felt and tweed dresses and shapely jackets.  There was a gypsy theme to this clothing and models wore head pieces full of dazzling coins, while the clothes had a folkloric feel with embroidery throughout.
Thomas Pink clothing brand was founded in 1984 by three Irish brothers, John, James and Peter Mullen.  The company opened its first shop in Chelsea and its main focus was on shirt making.  The Black Label shirt for which it became so well known was actually made from 38 separate pieces.  The company reached one of its main goals in 1989 and finally obtained premises on the most famous street for shirt makers – Jermyn Street. Thomas Pink is extremely popular the world over, especially in the United States. 
Vivienne Westwood of Autumn Winter 2009 Anglomania clothing collection is aimed at the youth of today.  It is full of typical Vivienne Westwood styles but adapted to suit the younger generation.  There is a definite rock chick inspiration running throughout the collection with predominant colours being reds, blacks and greys.  The looks are hard and edgy and the use of softer fabrics such as satin, wools and cashmeres, provides a beautifully stylish contrast.  These chic yet cool pieces will attract any fashion conscious young woman and the collection once again proves that Vivienne Westwood has a unique sense of style which can appeal to women of all ages.


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