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When John Galliano graduated from St. Martin’s School of Arts in 1984, he had already designed his own collection of clothes with a French Revolution inspired theme.  He called this collection ‘Les Incroyables’ and it was met with rave reviews.  After this he started his own label.  While trying to get backing for his collections, he eventually moved to Paris and had his first show in 1989 which was included in Paris Fashion Week.  

It was not, however, until the designer became acquainted with Sao Schlumberger that he became a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.  His first collection with his new partners moved away from prêt-a porter styles and included more haute couture which was aimed at attracting the more fashion conscious.  He began to make a name for himself and was appointed head designer of Givenchy in 1995 and then head designer of Christian Dior in 1997

Since moving to Christian Dior, John Galliano has used some famous faces to model his clothing, designing, among others, formal gowns for Charlize Theron to wear at red carpet events.  He has used Kate Moss in some of his ready to wear collection photo campaigns and she has modelled in both his ready to wear and couture shows.  Other models used include Linda Evangelista, Erin O’Connor, Karen Mulder and Alek Wek. 

John Galliano clothing for Autumn Winter 09 was stunning to say the least.  The designs were outrageous and elaborate and full of beautiful pieces including blanket skirts, felt and tweed dresses and shapely jackets.  There was a gypsy theme to this clothing and models wore head pieces full of dazzling coins, while the clothes had a folkloric feel with embroidery throughout. 

 Beautiful flowing dresses were abundant in colours such as blue, turquoise, red, black and white.  Made from fabrics including chiffon, they were eye catching and impressive.  Fluttering blouses in white which exuded a definite peasant style were teamed dramatically with matador jackets to give an awesome style as well as an awe inspiring contratst. 

Layering was evident in the skirts and dresses which the models wore and combined with veils and gold coins, they provided for a stunning show.  Flowing pleated skirts adorned in embroidery and tassels were absolutely stunning to behold.  Colours throughout included greys, blacks, reds, blues and with some of the boldest prints around, it all combined to make a superb show.

John Galliano clothing for men was as extravagant as ever.  He used many theatrical effects to complement his pieces including regency wigs and three corner hats.  The collection was definitely 18th Century inspired and was full of crisp shirts with gathered sleeves, frock coats which were embroidered as well as sweatshirts with bold prints. 

The workmanship and attention to detail was evident in the clothing and the show had the usual flamboyance one associates with John Galliano.  He has managed yet again to show beautifully feminine clothes for women and more masculine clothing for the men while incorporating his usual wildness and theatrical effects.

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