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Thomas Pink brand was founded in 1984 by three Irish brothers, John, James and Peter Mullen.  The company opened its first shop in Chelsea and its main focus was on shirt making.  The Black Label shirt for which it became so well known was actually made from 38 separate pieces.  The company reached one of its main goals in 1989 and finally obtained premises on the most famous street for shirt makers – Jermyn Street. Thomas Pink is extremely popular the world over, especially in the United States. 

The label has a huge range of shirts for both men and women, in both casual and classic styles.  They also have a vast collection of ready to wear clothing for both sexes.  The company has a unique service available called Personally Pink which allows the customer to get a shirt designed and created to their exact requests. 

For men the range of clothing includes shirts, knitwear, jackets, cufflinks, accessories and ties.  There is a huge range of shirts to choose from in categories such as classic, traveller, and informal.  The range is further broken down with choices in the fit, collar, cuff, design and colour of the shirts.  You can choose from slim fit, classic fit, and super slim fit to name a few.  For the collar, there are choices such as button down collar, cutaway collar, classic collar, small point collar, tab collar, soft collar and wing collar.  There are also many patterns including check, floral, paisley, stripe, hounds tooth and herringbone.  Colours include black, blue, purple, green, white, pink and many more.  There is a style, fit and colour to match everyone’s tastes. 

To complement their shirts, Thomas Pink has an equally impressive range of ties in various styles, patterns and colours and a huge collection of cufflinks in stylish designs and colours.  There are various styles of knitwear including styles such as crew necks, tanks, v-necks and cardigans in luxury fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool.  To complete the collection The label has some stunning jackets in linen, corduroy and wool to add a sense of style to any man.  With a huge array of accessories including socks, boxers, scarves, belts, armbands, gloves, handkerchiefs and many more, it is no wonder Thomas Pink is such popular choice with the stylish modern man. 

The collection for women includes shirts, dresses, cufflinks, knitwear, jackets and accessories providing everything for today’s high powered business woman.  As with the collection of shirts for men, there is a huge choice for women in the fit, cuff, pattern and colour of shirts.  Fits include tailored and slim fits, while cuffs can range from ¾ sleeved, double cuff, button cuff to cocktail cuff. 

The dresses for women in the Thomas Pink collection consist of beautiful classic pieces which would be perfect for a day at the office or a formal business meeting and come in rich deep colours such as plums and blues along with the traditionally winter colours of black, grey and brown. 

The women’s knitwear range consists of cardigans, jumpers, v-necks and tanks again in beautiful deluxe soft fabrics such as cashmere.  There are stylish fitted jackets to complement any sophisticated woman.  And with accessories including gloves, keyrings, pj’s, scarves and umbrellas to complete the collection, Thomas Pink has something for every dynamic woman who wants to dress in stylish quality clothing.

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