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With the love of punk and outrageous fashion, Vivienne Westwood clothing has always pushed the boundaries.  With her then partner Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the punk band The Sex Pistols, Westwood opened a shop on King’s Road and she began selling her designs there.  She still owns the shop and it is from here that she sells her Anglomania label. 

With a little help from The Sex Pistols who wore some of her designs at their first gig, Westwood’s clothing began to gain popularity.  Using materials such as tartan and 17th and 18th century cloth, Vivienne Westwood soon made a name for herself due to her shocking styles. 

Vivienne Westwood clothing is sold in five shops which are exclusively hers and she has franchise stores in cities all over the UK.  Her designs have featured in the recent Sex and the City film.  Her unique style and outrageous clothes have gained her worldwide fame as one of the best known British designers. 

Vivienne Westwood of Autumn Winter 2009 Anglomania clothing collection is aimed at the youth of today.  It is full of typical Vivienne Westwood styles but adapted to suit the younger generation.  There is a definite rock chick inspiration running throughout the collection with predominant colours being reds, blacks and greys.  The looks are hard and edgy and the use of softer fabrics such as satin, wools and cashmeres, provides a beautifully stylish contrast.  These chic yet cool pieces will attract any fashion conscious young woman and the collection once again proves that Vivienne Westwood has a unique sense of style which can appeal to women of all ages. 

There was a hint of last year’s theme of ‘do-it-yourself’ in this collection and models came out with blankets and huge wrap coats over the fierce outfits underneath.  The look was made to seem as if it had been thrown together ‘perfectly’.  With some eighty’s inspired looks thrown in for good measure such as woolly leg warmers, this collection is bang on trend. 

Included in the collection were the traditional tweeds along with strong prints of white, blue and red.  Tights were a major look throughout the collection in many strong colours and designs. 

With another eighty’s look of masculine jackets and trousers, Westwood gave this collection another style which is big at the moment especially when teaming those jackets with beautiful curvy dresses. The looks were complemented with staggering heels which gave a sexy vampish look.  

The looks in this collection are perfect for the young woman of today who wants to feel sexy, stylish and a little bit punky.  Vivienne Westwood dresses show off just the right amount of curves and when the look is completed with the stylish mannish jackets and strappy sexy heels, one cannot help but want to go right out to get this fabulous look.  Once again Vivienne Westwood has brought out a stunning collection of funky, up to date clothing which is etched with her own unique sophisticated style.

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