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The Purpose of the Cardigan

The cardigan is a kind of sweater which ties, zips or buttons down the front. It cannot be compared to a pullover because this does have an opening in the front but rather is used by the way it is named.

Sweaters have been created in order to serve a purpose which is to be a protective covering for the user against a cold weather. In creating a sweater, there are many things to consider such as the sweaterís insulating power, its colors, patterns, silhouettes, the style line which is specifically for the neck and the waist line.

Most times, the cardiganís torso is being knit as one single piece which is in a simple pattern of back and forth. As a contract, the pullover knitting pattern only requires a circular knit. Then again, the cardiganís body may also be knit in three parts: two for the front part and one for the back.

Aside from the cold weather, cardigans can also be worn in many other occasions. Mostly, this piece of clothing is being worn in fancy dress occasions as a cover up for a dress which has no sleeves. It can also be worn to work as well because it has a formal design which does not make the wearer look too loud.

Other times, the cardigan can be worn to church as well as outdoor sports events such as camping and hiking. With this in mind, the cardigan should be selected properly in order for it to serve its purpose.

Where Did the Cardigan Get Its Name?

The cardigan was given the name after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Brudenell. He was also a commander of the British military who did his service in the famous Crimean War.

The Fabric and Style of the Cardigan

Usually the cardigan is either made by hand knitting or machine. Its fabric can either be wool or cotton. The cheaper ones, however, may partially be made of acrylic. This article of clothing is available for both male and female.

Although the cardigan can have any type of neckline, the V-neckline is most popular. The front seam of a cardigan enables it to be varied according to the fashion style. The cardigan has a special type which is the shrug. It is mostly a covering for the sleeves and contains only a strip of fabric which runs along the back. Alternatively, it resembles a vest which has been scaled down.

Nowadays, plain cardigans are being worn over shirts or inside the suit jackets of the men. It is seen as a less formal waistcoat which keeps the neckties isolated in its precise location once the jacket is removed.

Usually this piece of clothing is decorated with ornaments which can alter the look of a cardigan. The most obvious decoration is the collar and the lapel. These are the most common because they frame the neck, face, and shoulders.

The closure type can also be altered according to the wearerís type. Normally the cardigan is comprised of either a button down or zipper. But since fashion is changing, belts and ties have also been part of the selection.


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