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Ruched Taffeta Evening Dress
This stunning dress is available in dark purple, red and black colors. Its elegant appearance makes it perfect for high society events, while the sexy silhouette never fails to highlight the female form. The design features a tight-fitting bodice made from silky taffeta with ruching details throughout. The one-shoulder neckline is feminine, and a ruffled embellishment at the shoulder gives the design added character.
Cap Sleeve Evening Gown with Bead Embellishment
If youíre looking to steal the night away, turn heads with this gorgeous gown from Jovani. Available in a sand color, this dress is simply stunning from head to toe. The beaded embellishments form diamond shapes on the bust and midsection of the design, while long crystal stripes are found on the lower half of the dress. These details elongate the legs and give a look of elegance that is sure to get you noticed.
Embroidered One Shoulder Mermaid Gown
Steal the night away in this stunning dress that is sure to demand the attention of onlookers. From designer fashion label Jovani, this evening gown is perfect for prom or a Sweet Sixteen. Available in black, emerald and rosewood colors, the gorgeous fabric is made from taffeta and features embroidered details. The flowered accents are found down the side of the bust and along the midsection, as well as on the dangling side bow.
Scoop Beaded Tube Top Dress
This evening dress is perfect for the young woman who wants to dazzle under the limelight without demanding too much attention. With a minimal design and just enough details, this beautiful gown is found in a vibrant fuchsia color that looks stunning against all skin tones and hair colors. The strapless design pays close attention to the shoulders, and the scoop neckline gradually pulls in onlookers as they study the beaded embellishments along the bust.
Studded Sweatheart Tube Top Evening Dress
Make a grand entrance at your next formal occasion with this gorgeous evening gown from Jovani. In a striking pink hue, this dress has a fitted tube top that features studded embellishments. The intricate details form V- shapes along the bust and sides of the tube top, and the sleeveless design leaves the neck and shoulders bare. The sweetheart neckline leads into the bodice and allows room for a beautiful crystal necklace.
One Shoulder Chiffon Gown
Donít wait any longer to get your hands on a designer piece from the Jovani collection. This gorgeous evening gown comes in a variety of colors, including royal blue, hot pink, red, black and white. The chiffon dress is sure to get you noticed at any high-society occasion, where the last thing you want to do is blend in with the crowd. The one shoulder design is feminine and elegant, with patterned jewels in the shape of triangles covering the strap.
Embellished Sweetheart Top with High Slit Dress
Get the attention you deserve at your next social occasion. This dress from designer fashion house Jovani is nothing short of fabulous. The sweetheart top is feminine and elegant, while allowing the wearer to show off some skin and leave the neck and shoulders bare. The gown can be worn with a set of pearls or Swarovski crystals, but the embellished details on the bodice offer enough dazzle that you can skip the jewelry entirely.
Evening Gown with Embellished Sleeves
If youíre looking for a formal black dress that combines elegance and femininity, this piece has it all. From the Jovani collection, the dress is minimal in design and features a flattering silhouette for women of all shapes and sizes. What makes this piece so exquisite is that it has embellished sleeves with crystal details. The sleeves sparkle and shimmer in the light, without taking away from the rest of the design.
Black Tube Top with Ivory Stripe Mermaid Dress
Nothing says elegance quite like this evening gown, which complements the female form by accentuating every curve. With an ingenious shape that could only be thought of by Jovani designers, the dress features a tube top and mermaid skirt. The two designs flawlessly blend together to form a piece that is truly exquisite and flattering to the female body. The shoulders and neckline are left bare, while the rest of the body is embraced by this stunning piece.
Floral Print Evening Dress
Feminine and flirty, this floral print dress is the perfect addition to any girlís wardrobe. Adding color and character, only Jovani could pull off a design this unique. The floral pattern is simply divine, as it adds vibrant hues and a girl-next-door vibe that doesnít call for unnecessary attention. The strapless top leaves the shoulders and neck bare, while the sweetheart neckline adds a bit of femininity.
Mermaid Bow Dress
Elegant and classy, this dress from Jovani is suitable for high-society events and special occasions. When youíre trying to achieve a look thatís tasteful yet mysterious, this piece has it all and will have onlookers wondering who it is behind the dress. The top of the design is simple, with a halter top and plunge neckline that keep the bust well-covered, while showing off skin around the neck and breastbone. The neckline meets a few inches above the waist, which features a bow appliqué in black.
Ruffle One Shoulder Strap with Sheer Black Overlay Gown
Dare to be different at your next social occasion. This gorgeous gown from Jovani is a work of art and requires the wearer to be just as bold and confident as the design itself. Feminine with a mystifying edge, this dress is perfect for prom night or an evening ball. Flawless from top to bottom, the design starts off with a one shoulder strap made from ruffled fabric.
Knitted Knee Length Dress
This knitted dress is one of a kind, as itís casual and trendy without compromising the beauty of an evening gown. Available in white and gold and black and gold, you can wear this piece to any special occasion while keeping comfortable in your movements. The square neckline is consistent with the designís modern approach and shoulder length sleeves meet at the bust. Gold bands line the bodice and sleeves, and an open square back completes the top half of the design.
Low V-Neck Dress with Satin Pleated Bodice
If you want onlookers to be awestruck by the dress youíre in, look no further than this unique piece from the Jovani collection. This gown is available in white, royal, red and black colors, making it easy to choose a hue that will match your special evening. Made from luxurious satin fabric, the design features alternating pleats along the bodice, as well as down the center of the skirt. The low V-neckline is chic and trendy, especially as the pleats offer definition along the bust.
Striped Evening Gown with Court Train
This beautiful gown will have you looking your best while standing apart from the crowd. In white and brown colors, the strapless top is perfect for exposing the neck and shoulders, while keeping the bust covered. A unique striped pattern is found on the bodice, which is tight fitting around the torso and creates a V-shape at the waist. Ruffled white fabric hangs below the bodice, keeping consistent with the triangle shape.
Strapless Gown with Patterned Bust
From multi-award winning designer Jovani, this gown offers remarkable detailing and clean lines for a look thatís dramatic yet not over the top. The form-fitting bodice wraps around the torso and features a strapless neckline thatís perfect for showing off some skin. Wear a set of pearls or go bare; either way, the details on the bodice are enough to add character and flair without needing expensive accessories.

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