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Camille Mervin Leroy

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Born in 1993 in New York City, Camille Mervin-Leroy is one of the youngest and newest additions to the New York modeling world. She has long red hair and blue eyes that make her stand out and look mysterious at the same time. She stands at five feet and eleven inches and measures 32-25-35. The stunning beauty wears a size 4 and size 11 shoes.

Modeling Career

At the very young age of 14, this New York-bred lady signed with the New York Model Management and a year later, she was featured on the following sites: and WWD as a newcomer.

She made a video for then newbie Canadian designer Rad Hourani and debuted at the fall Rad Hourani Show in New York. She also made an appearance on V together with her fellow New York Management models.

She appeared on videos like “Pure Poetry” and “Camille of the Minute” which were created by New York-based photographer and filmmaker Matt Sundin. Matt Sundin works for EMS Films (EMS Films is based in the Netherlands. They have been producing quality and award-winning programs for the past 18 years).His appreciation for the arts is so great that he not only limited his interest to filmmaking but also to photography. 

The video “Camille: Of The Minute” shows Camille Mervin-Leroy poised near a wall. The first part of the video is in black and white so Camille’s red hair is not noticeable. She appears to walk back and forth, confused as if she has nowhere to go. The spotlight suddenly shines upon her and casts a shadow of her on the wall. Her very long hair is blown by the wind and she just continues to walk and does not seem to mind it. The second part shows her wearing a black long-sleeved top and she is flipping her hair from side to side in slow motion. The background compliments her hair so greatly that it looks like her head is on fire. The video fades out and shows the third part where Camille is wearing a white top. She moves to the left then to the right with her eyes closed as if to feel the moment. The background changes from white to light blue then to a spectrum of colors. The video ends with Camille leaning against the wall having that signature melancholic look of hers.
He shared in an interview that working with Camille was interesting. He said that when doing a photo shoot, his favorite style is to create an illusion as if the model is looking at a mirror. He believes that using this trick makes him vulnerable in a way that it is like the mirror is showing parts of himself back to him.

And with Camille, he was able to achieve that. He described Camille as a 14-year old who does not act like one. She does not feel self-conscious and does not hide and pretend. She is just herself. He has created two other videos aside from the one with Camille. The other two videos featured Giedre and Ballet. In Giedre’s video, she looks like she is seducing the person who is watching her. She does it so effectively by making her audience feel her emotions of desire by just using her facial expressions. The last video is more accurately called “The Creation of a New Ballet.” It is a short film that was part of the New York City Ballet’s Annual Dancer’s Choice Evening on June 27, 2008.

In July 2008, one of Matt Sundin’s favorite subjects i.e. Camille, flew to Paris, France to be part of French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture show. Other models that appeared on the Fall 2008 Couture were models Natasha Poly, Bruna Tenorio, Olga Sherer, Maryna Linchuk, Barbara Berger, Alexandra Agoston-O’Connor, Georgina Stojilkovic, Morgane, Dubled, Tanya Dzjahileva, Kasia Struss, Emina Cunmulai, Maria Kashleya, Patricia Schmid, and Tallulah Morton among others.

She walked down the runway with the poise and grace of an experienced model, hiding the fact that she is several years away from being legal.

Her face has graced several magazines and ads including Elle, Elite Paris, Paper Magazine, Bunny Bisous, Atomic (featured in a 200s issue of Crash Magazine), Gravure and Vogue. People often describe her look as “belle laide”. She has very pale skin and her long red hair greatly contrasts against it.

In many of her photographs, she has that melancholic expression on her face. Some even say she looks androgynous.  There are some angles where she looks like Bonnie Wright, the girl who plays Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter series. Both of them have flaming red hair and are tall. Camille’s long neck and legs make many say that she is really born to be a fashion model.

She has worked with photographers like Marjolijn de Groot, Robert Erdmann, the William Lords and the Glynis Selina Arban Photography, and stylist Raymond Maclaren for Stephen Knoll Salon. She is also one of the models of Elite Paris, a very prominent modeling management company that is in existence for more than 30 years and boasts the names of Eniko Mihalik, Ymre Stiekama, Sigrid Agren, Magdalena Frackowiak andConstance Jablonski, all of whom belong to the top 50 models in the world.

Camille is only 16 years old at present and her agents have been keeping a tight hold on her so as to avoid overexposure.  She definitely still has a lot of opportunities ahead of her.

Personal Life

Camille’s favorite designers are Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga. She is good friends with fellow models Noreen Carmody (Swiss) and Yana Karpova (Russian), who are also under the Elite Paris and the New York Model Management. 

She said in one of her interviews that she can’t live without her hairbrush and knitting. She further told them of how she has started knitting a sweater so that she could use it when fall comes in. She loves the Renaissance period with all its different colors and textures.  She admitted that she loves chocolates but has to watch how much she eats so as to maintain her slim build.

Camille likes singing opera, traveling and of course, knitting.



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