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Christie Brinkley

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Christie Brinkley is a woman of substance, talent, and style. Born in Monroe, Michigan in the name of Christie Lee Hudson; she changed her name to Brinkley when her mother remarried to Don Brinkley –a television script writer.

Early Life of Brinkley

The soon to be modeled went to Palisades High School in California and graduated in the year 1972. The family moved to L.A. later and she studied in the Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles. Miss Brinkley then moved to Paris a year later to study art.

Christie Brinkley’s Career Highlights

When the beautiful woman was already in Paris, she was spotted by Errol Sawyer –an American photographer who though that the young woman had the potential to be a model. Brinkley quickly agreed to sign a contract in L.A. paving the way for appearances on different magazines. She even landed on a 20 year contract for CoverGirl cosmetics.

In 1979, the tantalizing beauty appeared in Sports Illustrated and graced the calendar yet again in the next two years.

10 years of modeling and Christie decided to venture into the glitz of the movie screen. She starred in the comedy hit National Lampoon’s Vacation playing Chevy Chases’ leading lady. She played that same role in the film’s sequel in the year 1997.

At the start of her acting career, Brinkley also went into the hosting business where she hosted a show in Lifetime Network with a few appearances on tv shows such as “Mad About You”.

Amidst the hectic schedule, Brinkley still had time for writing. In 1983, when she entered Hollywood, she wrote a book about health and beauty and even illustrated it herself since she studied art in the first place. “Outdoor Beauty and Fitness” made it to the best seller list of the New York Times.

Being a very talented and creative illustrator, Brinkley did the cover art for then husband Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams”. The 1993 hit album gained triple platinum at the time. The model turned actress turned TV host was given the award of “Best Album Cover of the Year” by Rolling Stone magazine.

With her projects in line with health and beauty, Christie Brinkley later on was asked to promote home fitness equipment by Total Gym. Her contribution to fitness and health was immense because of her books and her shows and just recently she, together with Xbox 360 and Dr. Carlon Colker did a promotion for National Fitness Day.

Personal Life

Christie Brinkley is a very successful career woman but when it came to her marriages, things seemed to go wrong. The model was first married to Jean-Francois Allaux –a French artist. The two were married in 1973 but the marriage ended in the year 1981. Brinkley and Allaux did not have children together.
A year after her first divorce, Brinkley met the Moet-Chandon Champagne heir, Oliver Chandon de Brailles at the infamous Studio 54 during a party. They became an item in that same year. They were never married since de Brailles died in 1983 while practicing for his race.

Brinkley later met singer Billy Joel in the Caribbean that same year, they were married 2 years later on a yacht while the two were cruising through the Hudson River. The ceremony was very private and was attended by family members and close friends only. The marriage lasted almost 10 years when they divorced in 1994.

Christie Brinkley and Richard Taubman met in 1994 when the two were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. The real estate developer proposed to the supermodel in May if a divorce proceeding with Joel wasn’t over just yet. The two finally tied the knot by the end of 1994 and had a baby boy named Jack Paris. It seemed that a happy ending was not meant for the supermodel. Her marriage with Taubman only lasted a year.

Two years after her amicable divorce with Billy Joel and a year after her latest marriage, she and architect Peter Halsey Cook got married in a ranch on September 21. Billy Joel was of course invited to the ceremony. The marriage of Brinkley and the architect ended in an ugly divorce in the year 2006 when Cook reportedly cheated on the supermodel.

In 2007, she was seen dancing with Paul McCartney while the 53 year old supermodel and 64 year old Beatle were on vacation at the Hamptons. At the time, McCartney and wife Heather Mills were going through a very messy divorce. Former husband Billy Joel however cut the rumor from its roots and said that Paul and Christie are just old friends.

Just recently, Christie Brinkley said singer/songwriter John Mayer has her approval when it comes to dating her 23 year old daughter with Billy Joel.
Now 55 years old, the supermodel is not back in the dating scene and she is happy just spending time with her children.

Brinkley’s Kids

Christie Brinkley has three beautiful children. The first one is Alexa Ray Joel born on December the 29th 1985 with “Uptown Girl” singer Billy Joel. Alexa is now 23 years old and takes her beauty from the “Uptown Girl” herself –her mother. Alexa, a singer-songwriter also plays the piano. Growing up with Billy Joel and with an artistic mom, Alexa Ray developed a penchant for music and was encouraged by the supermodel.

Her second child was born ten years later and she named him Jack Paris. Jack was born on June the 2nd of 1995 and is her son with Richard Taubman. The child was later adopted by his architect stepfather Peter Cook.

The supermodel’s third child is Sailor Lee Cook born three years after Jack Paris. Her three children now help their mother keep her fans posted in her many fan websites.
Modeling Career Not Over

The supermodel still models until today even if she is now 55 years old. Her “Got Milk” advertisement for 2009 showed that the supermodel turned TV host still got it going on.



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