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Christy Turlington

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Supermodel Christy Turlington is known for her luscious lips and beautiful smile. A model in the ‘80s and ‘90s she is friends with the ultra-sexy Linda Evanglista, the seductive beauty Cindy Crawford, and TopShop owner and model Kate Moss along with other supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer, and Naomi Campbell .

Christy Turlington was born on January 2nd in the year 1969 in Walnut Creek, California. In 1982, she was spotted by a photographer while the American beauty was horseback riding. Afterwards, she signs a contract with a fledgling San Francisco agency. By the year 1986, after four years of wait, the blonde haired woman starred in Notorious –a music video for band Duran Duran.
On that same year she appeared on British Vogue gracing its cover. That was her first magazine cover since she started modeling in ’82. A year later, Turlington decided to concentrate on her modeling and do it fulltime. Her decision was sealed because of her photo shoot with Steven Meisel for the cover of Vogue Italia.

Many photo shoots later, Christy Turlington graced the cover of one of the hottest magazines in the US –Cosmopolitan.

1987 was a rather busy time for the then rookie model because she signed a cosmetics contract with beauty product giant Revlon. Due to the stress of the fashion world, Turlington started taking up yoga .

By November of that year, she graces the cover for Esquire magazine.

By 1988, she became the face for Missoni and in 1989 she signed a contract with high fashion house Calvin Klein to promote Eternity. This is the time when Turlington finally established herself in the industry.

By the year 1990, she became the face for Valentino and later on starred in a music video by George Michael called “Freedom”. She appeared in the music video alongside fellow supermodels Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell.

January of that year, she was featured on Vogue magazine as part of what the fashion world used to call Trinity i.e. Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. The three were given a group name because photographer Steven Meisel almost always booked them together.
By October of 1990, the beautiful Miss Turlington was styled as ‘50s actress Jean Dorothy Seberg for an editorial for Vogue. She was photographed by one of the fashion world’s best photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Vogue definitely loves the beauty since by December of 1990, Turlington graced Vogue UK. By 1991, her contracts became more posh than ever when she became the official face for Chanel. A year later, Miss Turlington was featured yet again on Vogue and got another contract from Chanel in 1993.
With the model’s growing popularity at the time, Ralph Rucci created Christy Turlington mannequins for the Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art. In that same year the Metropolitan Museum of Art declared the supermodel as “The Face of the 20th Century”. Aside from being the face of the 20th century however, Miss Turlington also became the face for Burberry that year.

A year later she signed a contract to be the official face for Oscar de la Renta and Salvatore Ferregamo. She opened the Fashion Café together with Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson, and Claudia Schiffer,Turlington became the face for Calvin Klein underwear in 1996 and was later on featured in Catwalk, a documentary about the fashion world by Robert Leacock.
A few years and a few magazine covers later, Turlington became more and more popular even if she was juggling school and modeling. By the year 2000, Christy launched her own line of clothing she called Nuala –the project was backed by Puma.
In 2002 she graced the cover of Vogue with a yoga pose and three years later she appears in Vogue again with the title on the cover “Return of the Supermodel”. That year she became the face of Chloe and Maybelline.

She also teamed up with director/writer/actor husband Edward Burns in writing the script for Fashion Team –a drama for Fox TV.
The supermodel’s concern for worldwide problems and her penchant for charity really made a big impact when she met with then President George W. Bush and singer Bono to talk about the AIDS crisis.
Even if the supermodel is now retired (mostly), she still is invited by fashion magazines to pose for their cover. In 2008, she became one of the contributing editors for Marie Claire while modeling Escada campaigns and Yves Saint Laurent.

Personal Life

Christie Turlington started taking up yoga classes while she was still active in modeling owing such an interest to the study of Eastern Religions. The model attended college in 1994 and took up B.A. Comparative Religion and Eastern Philosophy. She graduated cum laude three years later. Although she took up Eastern Religion she is still a practicing Catholic, her religion and her parents’ religion.

The model used to be a vegetarian and even posed nude for a protest against fur. However, as years passed, she went back to eating meat. She also smoked but in 1995 she stopped smoking due to her father’s death from lung cancer.

Turlington’s loves were usually actors. She has dated Christian Slater, Jason Patric, and Roger Wilson. In the year 2000, she was introduced to actor/director Edward Burns in a party at the Hamptons. Within weeks after their introduction, the two love birds were engaged. The wedding did not push through however because they had to postpone it due to the terrorist attack in the World Trade Center in September 11 of 2001.

Unfortunately, Turlington and the actor-director broke up after that. Good fortune for the two love birds did not hide for very long when they couple kissed and made up. They got married on June the 7th of 2003 and the model was already 25 weeks pregnant at the time.

The couple has now two kids –a daughter they named Grace born on October the 25th of 2003 and Finn, their son born three years after his sister. Christy Turlington’s sister Kelly Turlington is married to Edward Burns’ brother, Brian Burns.

Just recently, Turlington has gone back to school and is now getting her masters at Columbia University.



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