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Cindy Crawford

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The luscious Cindy Crawford adorned leading fashion magazines for years and is one of the most well-known supermodels in the world.
The beautiful brown haired woman was born in DeKalb, Illinois, in the United States of America to Jennifer and John Crawford. At the age of 16 and then a budding beauty, she was spotted by a photographer for a newspaper. Noticing that Cindy had the potential to become a model, the photographer took a photo of the teen.
Cindy however continued high school and graduated in 1984 as the valedictorian for DeKalb High School. With her in the honor role, she got a scholarship at Northwestern University. She took up chemical engineering but unfortunately was not able to finish it because of her modeling career.

Cindy signed with Elite Model Management in Chicago at the age of 17 and later on moved to New York City in 1986 and signed with Elite New York.

Cindy Crawford’s Rise in the World of Glitz and Glam

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Crawford proved to be one of the most beautiful and most sought after personality in the fashion world.  Her schedule was always filled with photo shoots and runway stints, gracing the covers of Vogue, People, V, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure and Cosmopolitan.
Her presence in the runway was also very prominent. She has graced the ad campaigns for Escada, Ink, Revlon, Gianni Versace, Omega, Clairol and Maybelline.
The 5 foot 9 inch brunette’s mole became both her beauty mark and her trademark in the industry. In fact, she even appeared in an ad campaign for chocolate licking off her mole.
In the start of her career, her mole was edited out of the picture including in her first appearance in Vogue magazine. Without her mole, she resembled late ‘70s Italian American model Gia Carangi –whose modeling career crashed because of heroin addiction. Cindy was called “Baby Gia” because of this resemblance. With or without her mole, the model still resembled Carangi but the mole separated Crawford from Carangi’s shadow.
In July of 1988, the luscious beauty posed nude for the world’s highest ranking men’s magazine –Playboy. Her photo was taken by Herb Ritts. A few months later, Crawford is invited again for another nude in Playboy magazine.

She later ventured into the film industry and later on hosted a few shows. She was the host for MTV’s House of Style from the year 1989 to the year 1995. In the mid ‘90s, Cindy Crawford’s appeal was extended to a bigger fan base when she appeared in a Pepsi commercial.
In 1995, she did her very first film entitled “Fair Game” playing the lead –her acting wasn’t as good as her modeling though and she was arrowed with criticisms. The movie was a failure with expenditures of over $50 million. Cindy however did not mind this major movie boo boo and did a comeback in 2001 as cast in The Simian Line. The movie was not a success either but the critics did not pay any attention to her acting anymore. Over the years, acting jobs were not as abundant as the modeling ones.

Sexiest Woman in the World

Her seductive looks and her beautiful body appeals to many, men and women alike. She has been ranked as one of the world’s sexiest people and has maintained herself in that category. In 1997, she was picked as the second most beautiful woman in the world after actress Demi Moore.
In the year 2002, Cindy Crawford was in the most beautiful people list of People Magazine and even in her forties, she was ranked number 26 in the Hot 100 list for Maxim.

Cindy Crawford and Beauty

The supermodel quit modeling in the year 2000 but continued to endorse different products. In the year 2005, she created Meaningful Beauty with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh for Guthy-Renker’s beauty line.
When asked how she keeps herself beautiful, the supermodel admitted that she regularly went under the knife such as getting Botox, vitamin injections and collagen. She first sought the services of a plastic surgeon when she was only 29 years old.
Personal Life

At the age of 43, the supermodel still sizzled in a bikini while she and husband Rande Gerber were vacationing in France with their children. 600 magazine covers later, Cindy is still smoking hot. She of course admits that she has cellulites and says it is something that she does not care about at her age.
In April of 2009 the supermodel appeared in Allure covered with just a splashing of shaving cream, proving to the world that she is still as pretty as when she was just a rookie in the fashion biz.

Being married to Rande gerber for 11 years and with two beautiful kids, Cindy has worked very hard to keep the passion alive. Her first marriage in 1991 with Pretty Woman star Richard Gere ended after four years, the two never had kids but Cindy is not content with her family and her loving husband Rande Gerber.

In May of 2009 however, Cindy went through a trial for a sexual harassment case against her husband.  Two waitresses claimed that they were sexually harassed by Gerber while working at the Hard Rock Hotel. George Clooney, a good friend of the couple was lined up for the witness stand that he was indeed with Gerber at the supposed time of the incident making the lawsuit a blatant pursuit for money. Cindy being a dutiful wife stood by her man even if so many rumors have been going around about Gerber’s cheating habits.

Such a rumor however is always dismissed as a lie but no one knows whether it is true or not. Cindy Crawford and Gerber have been married for 11 years now and maybe, that speaks for itself.

The lawsuit was the first time that the couple’s marriage was rocked by controversy. Cindy at the time immediately went to one of her friends for support and maintained that she believes in her husband.



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