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Cole Mohr

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The blue eyed bad boy Cole Mohr was born on April 27, 1986 is known for his flare and his tattoos. The American male model currently lives in New York City –his home away from his hometown Houston, Texas.
Mohr’s Career

The blue eyed boy’s first fashion gig was to appear in an ad for Dior Homme. He quickly became the favorite of Hedi Silmane after that photo shoot and was later photographed for her personal work.
A year later, the Adonis did his very first runway stint for the fall couture show for Dior Homme in Paris. He later appeared in the February editorial for V magazine and was photographed by the creative David Sims.

A few projects later, he graced yet another editorial for Numero Homme’s spring issue. The intolerably chic male model later closed the spring show for Lindeberg in Milan and while there, he also walked for Prada, Burberry and Fendi. Cole Mohr was barely on his second year at the time and his runway gigs became more posh than ever. That is not surprising at all though since he is super hot and super sexy.
On the 20th of July that same year, he was featured in’s “Of the Minute” as one of the top 10 runway rookies to watch. He was featured along with Taylor Fuchs, Tom Warren, Julien Sabaud, Blaine Cook, Adrian, Trent Kendrick, Nocholas Chabot, and Mikhail Severe.

Later on, Mr. Mohr came upon more and more projects and landed on the contract of becoming the official face for Vera Wang’s ad campaign for Fall of ’07. The ad campaign was followed by H&M’s ad campaign and an editorial for Wonderland’s fall issue.

Mohr was getting more attention at the time and by September, the Texan male model was photographed by the talented photographer Terry Richardson for Japanese Vogue.

Two months later, Cole Mohr posed with the hot Canadian model Raquel Zimmermann for a V editorial. The two were photographed by one of the best photographers in the fashion world –David Sims.

Mohr became more and more popular when he was featured in entitled “Cole is Cool”.

By 2008, Mohr opened his year by closing the Lanvin Homme fall couture show in Paris, France. He later on landed on the cover of Dansk followed by yet another editorial for V magazine, Numero Homme, and Vogue Homme.

2008 was a good year for the male model, when he became the male face for Marc by Marc Jacobs. Interestingly, according to, he also became the female face for the said high fashion house. In that same year, Mohr landed on the cover for the summer issue of Arena Homme with another model, Luke Worrel.
By July, he immediately flew to Paris, France to open and close the Comme des Garcons spring couture show. He also closed the runway for Number (N)ine. By October, he walked for Balenciaga and rocked the ramps in its Paris couture show.

The runway stints kept the Texan busy. When winter came, he posed for Stefan Indlekofer and Claudia Knoepfel for 10 magazine. Mohr posed alongside Hanne Gaby Odiele.

By January of 2009, Cole Mohr became the face for Costume National. By February, the Texan hunk filmed his gigs in the New York Fashion week for the leading fashion magazine in New York –New York Magazine’s Model Diaries.
He started the diary by filming dogs and saying that the documentary is about dogs and not about the New York Fashion Week. He went on interviewing other male models backstage, forcing them to say something that is meaningful because he was filming a documentary. The models talked about the ozone layer while Cole Mohr was smoking a cigarette.

His tinge of craziness and love of fun is reflected in the video. The Texan does not only have a hot bod but a sense of humor as well. Meanwhile, his fans just thought it was a rave and a super fun video because the models kept on making fun of their own runway walks.

He later appeared in Dazed & Confused in May and by June, the male model was ranked as one of the world’s top ten male models in Forbes magazine.

Cole: Intolerably Chic

Who could forget Cole’s upper torso in V magazine’s 50th issue with him sporting his tattoo “April, May, June” and not to mention a devil’s horn making the naturally seductive male model sexier.

The model even crossed dressed for Arena Hommes International wearing the “old, librarian” look.

Mohr is a fashion chameleon. He can change his whole aura to give character to every photo shoot. Much like the supermodels before him, this intolerably handsome model is making a splash in the world of glitz and glamour.

He appeared in Hysterical Glamour looking posh yet authoritative in a very chic and very up to date suit.
Getting Personal with Cool Cole

Cole Mohr keeps it real most of the time and when he talks he somehow makes oh-so-casual yet oh-so-hot.  He used to date artist Natalie Rodgers but somehow it did not work out. This fun to be with hunk however has found someone. He is currently dating Stella Greenspan a stylist from Zurich. The two were photographed smooching and having a cigarette break.

Cole Mohr is always hush-hush about his personal life and he does not usually talk about it in front of the media, making sure that his privacy is not invaded by the growing number of paparazzi trying to get a sneak peek.

He greets everyone backstage especially if it’s one of his friends. The 6 foot 1 male model is very good friends with Canadian model Tasha Tilberg, American model Nick Snider who is very famous for his pout, the boyish rising star Luke Worrall, tattooed American model Tyler Riggs, and Canadian rising star Taylor Fuchs who is famous for his eyes and lips.

Other friends of the male model are fashion models Mina Cvetkovic, Freja Beha, Hanne Gaby Odiele, David Agbodji, Eliza Cummings, Emily DiDonato, Alice Dellal, Josh Beech, and James Neate.



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