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Eliza Cummins

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Eliza Cummins
If you are wondering about the newest and freshest faces in modelling, then you should look no further than eighteen year old Eliza Cummins.† Born Eliza Presley in the United Kingdom in January 1991, she is one of the more interesting models on the runway today.† That is because she is both intriguing and has an androgynous beauty that many designers are looking for right now.†
Eliza Cummins
With more and more clothing options coming out featuring menswear for women and even some options for womenswear for men, it is no wonder that designers are looking for an overall beauty that can transcend gender lines.† While Cummins is capable of doing an androgynous look, she is also capable of doing a smart and sassy look, effortlessly drawing on her feminine beauty as well.

This duality was apparent in her from the beginning, and when Eliza Cummins first signed with Select Management in 2008 she was not just sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen.† No, in fact Cumminsí first year was a very busy one as she began to work and before long her image was one that was gracing magazines around the world.

Gaining unprecedented ground

This is an interesting way for a model to begin her career as most of them generally begin by doing a few designer shows and then gaining ground in the magazines.† However, this was not the case with Eliza Cummins as she had appeared in three well known magazines (V, Dazed & Confused, 10) and had become the face of Topshop before she ever graced her first runway.† When she did appear on the catwalk her debut was for Marc Jacobs in New York in February of 2009.† She also walked in shows for Custo Barcelona, Rodarte, and Anna Sui that same month.† Her fame was also increased that month when her picture was used for an Italian Vogue editorial.

This rush of work was just the beginning of the year as more and more work became available for Eliza Cummins.† In early 2009 she took a job as a model in the television advertisement for a new Yves Saint Laurent fragrance, thereby taking her exciting career to an even new level and advancing her face so that it was recognized by even more people across the globe.

A career reaching above and beyond the norm

Even with all of this going on, Eliza Cummins did not take the time to slow down as she worked just as tirelessly during March of 2009.† One of the projects that she did during this time was to pose for the cover of Dazed & Confused.† While being on the cover alone is a big achievement, this was a different kind of pose as Cummins was locked in a very provocative pose with her real life boyfriend, model Ash Stymest.† One of the things that is remarkable about the two of them together is that they both possess very androgynous features, so the picture is one that marks the overall beauty of mankind no matter the gender and by itself is an extremely intriguing look at what makes one beautiful. During this same month Eliza Cummins also posed in an editorial for W, was on the cover of another magazine i-D, and walked in a show in Paris for Vivienne Westwood.† Not to mention that she also appeared in two separate editions of Vogue in April, 2009, including another cover for the Italian version of the magazine.
With a career that is so obviously on an unstoppable upward spiral, there is no doubt that Eliza Cummins is going to be one of the models that is going to be around for awhile as more and more designers begin to realize the potential of this young, beautiful woman.

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