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Jacquetta Wheeler

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Jacquetta Wheeler is an established model who was born in 1981 in London, England.  She was actually born into a fairly affluent lifestyle as her father was an entrepreneur and her mother was a respectable photographer.  Jacquetta has also claimed that her genetics are solely responsible for her amazing figure and lithe movements as she claims to not diet or exercise at all.
Jacquetta Wheeler
Wheeler was initially introduced to the world of modelling at the age of sixteen when her father introduced her to the Italian designer Stephan Janson.  She did accompany him to Milan to appear in one of the designer’s showcases, but she decided not to actively pursue modelling at that time.  Apparently the the girl was fated to be a part of the modelling world as a year later she was walking down the streets of Knightsbridge, London, when she was officially discovered by renowned photographer, Mario Testino.
This small encounter was going to be one that set off a chain reaction which ended up launching Wheeler to the top of the modelling stratosphere in just a few short months as Testino began to feature her in multiple editorials in Vogue.  In fact, one year later in 1999 Wheeler was named as the Model of the Millennium by The Face magazine even though she had not even been modelling professionally for more than two years.  During 1999 the model also appeared in print advertisements for Olay and Gucci, while managing to land a coveted spot on the cover of the Italian version of Vogue.  It was clear by the turn of the millennium that Jacquetta Wheeler was going to be a model that was going to be around for quite some time as she was already making a major mark on the fashion industry.

Multitasking – Modelling and School

The talented model had managed to garner world wide acclaim from fashion designers while at the same time attending school and trying to lead a normal life with her classmates.  This was difficult at times as Wheeler found herself having to get out of school only to run to a photo shoot or spend the weekend on location trying to fulfil her modelling obligations.  She was working at the pace of an adult model while at the same time going in school.
In 2000 at the age of nineteen the model had established herself with her tireless work ethic and her willingness to work with designers and photographers.  In February of that year she opened for Prada’s show in Milan while in September she closed a show in London for Alexander McQueen, marking her status.  The next year Wheeler’s career grew even further as she worked for Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chanel.  These large name companies were all captivated by her photogenic appearance and her captivating beauty.
The peak of a career

From 2000 to 2003 Jacquetta Wheeler spent her time running between different modelling jobs as she was in such high demand that she was working constantly for either Carolina Herrera, Fendi, Christian Dior, Prada, Jaohn Galliano, Gap, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Victoria’s Secret, and Roberto Cavalli.  Not to mention the fact that she was also appearing on the covers of magazines like British Vogue, Italy’s Marie Claire, and Harpers & Queens.  In fact, by the end of 2002 Jacquetta Wheeler was named as one of Britain’s most in demand and highest paid models.  She was labelled as a supermodel and put into the same category as Britain’s other modelling powerhouse, Kate Moss.
However, after 2003 she did not work as much and only took on a few select jobs in 2004 and 2005 (although one of those “select” jobs was working as one of the new faces of Ralph Lauren while others included opening for Christian Dior in Paris and closing for Oscar de la Renta in New York) as Jacquetta Wheeler took a much needed break from the hectic world of modelling.  Since modelling is one career in which you constantly need to be working to make sure that you are still considered to be on top of your game, it appeared that her turn as a supermodel may have been short-lived.
The end of a career or the beginning of a new one?

Many in the fashion industry wondered if this superstar had burned out in a relatively short period of time.  But Jacquetta Wheeler would prove them all wrong.  In 2006 she emerged in another aspect of media as she starred in a music video for singer James Carrington. In the black and white video she appears to be in total control of her body and appearance and her singular beauty shows up well.  She follows this up with work for Oscar de la Renta in New York in September and she began dating the photographer Alexi Lubormirski in England (they had met when he worked as Mario Testino’s assistant photographer).

In March of 2009 she was featured on the cover of the British magazine Tatler, claiming that this supermodel was on her way to a comeback.  Since then she has been featured in a French Vogue editorial and has returned as one of the faces of Gucci.  No matter what, one thing is for sure, never count out Jacquetta Wheeler when it comes to modelling.  Her beauty is still timeless even after more than ten years in the spotlight.

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