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Nathan Bogle

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Born in 1974 in Reading, Berkshire, England, Nathan Bogle has had a long career in modelling.  However, that’s not what he first set out to do with his life.  At 16, Bogle moved to London with the plan of studying business and law.  However, he soon discovered that he hated the two subjects.  He stopped taking his studies seriously, but at age 22, he discovered the modelling world and started a serious career.  During his career, Bogle modelled for Armani, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, and more.
Nathan Bogle
Some of his earliest shows were in Paris and Milan, although he has also walked the runway in Cuba, Australia, and South America.  More recently, in 2009, Bogle appeared in a video for the spring/summer swimwear and clothing for NEXT alongside Emanuela de Paula.  He has worked with several agencies, including Wilhelmina.

Rag & Bone

While modelling, Bogle realized he had serious business aspirations.  He decided to retire from modelling and take a try at being a fashion designer.  He co-founded the company Rag & Bone, which is actually a British slang phrase for a junk dealer or someone who collects items for recycling.  Bogle, Marcus Wainwright, and David Neville decided to focus on creating jeans that were comfortable for them.  They sought out expert opinions and studied all the jeans currently on the market, and they eventually found a company in Kentucky to produce their jeans.  Rag & Bone won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award in 2001, and it looked like they were destined for greatness.  However, Bogle later left the fashion line due to creative differences with Wainwright Neville.  Bogle had expressed interest in adding a more upscale line of clothing to the label, while his partners wanted to continue producing mainly sportswear. 

Romance with Natalie Portman

Bogle’s love life has often been in the news, and among his notable exes is actress Natalie Portman.  Bogle and Portman dated in 2007 and attended events such as the U.S. Open together.  While together, the two were affectionately called “NatNat” by their fans.  The two broke up in May of 2008 after slight more than a year together.

Personal Life

Today, Bogle is mostly retired, although he still does an occasional show or photo shoot now and then.  He is close friends with David Neville, Noah Mills, Liya Kebede, Linda Vojtova, Gabriel Aubry, Maggie Rizer, and actor Jude Law.  Currently, Bogle lives in New York.  He enjoys travel.

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