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Alex Loomans

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Alex Loomans
What’s a royalty doing on the runway? If you don’t look hard enough, you would think that Prince Harry has finally found his true calling in the fashion world.  Pretty close, but it’s not his highness that’s creating quite a stir on the catwalk.
Alex Loomans
It’s Alex Loomans, the mega-attractive Canadian “it” boy who is currently making waves in the modeling circles.  Loomans has to be destined for modeling because everything about him is picture perfect.  At 6’3”, he’s just above the height benchmark for male models.  He has the right muscle bulk that makes him appear a very compact but still lithe. He is not too buff and he does not have to try too hard to make his bod be as heavenly as it is.
His angular face is chiseled just right to make it pop out in pictures so the viewer focuses on it.  Alex Loomans’ face sure is a cash cow. It is also for sure that that face of his also frequents the daydreams of many women around the world.
Relatively new to the fashion scene, this beautiful boy toy is strongly gaining popularity and visibility in the runways and ad campaigns. Well, he deserves it because he is oh so heavenly and oh so charming in most of his photos. This certain charm contributes to the fact that the camera loves this Adonis.
Right now, he is slowly but surely making a name for himself.  Alex Loomans is a hardworking model with a very boyish face and a nice body to boot, he is one of the prettiest boys in the fashion world.
Revealing Alex
The handsome hunk hails from Burlington, Toronto, following the footsteps of other lucky Canadians who have made a successful foray into the world of glitz and glamour.  Alex Loomans was born in 1990 and started his career in 2006 when he signed up with Public Image Worldwide, one of the formidable men’s agencies in the industry. During that time, the young Loomans was a step away to fashion royalty.
In April of 2007, Alex Loomans hit it big when he was chosen to be the new official face of Polo Ralph Lauren, an epitome of sophistication, class and taste –something that his face, body and allure exudes naturally not only through his ads and photos but in person as well. 
The model stayed with the label for another season, posing for the great American photographer and occasional filmmaker Bruce Webber.
It was also in this year when he ranked # 12 in the list of top men in because of his body to die for and his deliciously beautiful face. This is something that was not all too new for Loomans because he seems to be so comfortable with how he looks. In photos taken of him in the backstage of shows, he is always smiling, talking to fellow male models and just chills.
In another career move, he switched agency and signed with DNA New York.  From there, he Alex Loomans made some major appearances in the runways and fashion editorials.
In the fall 2008 issue of Sir magazine, Alex Loomans was captured in several delicious poses by the lens of Geoff Barrenger, one of the most influential Canadian photographers today.  Loomans became known for his well-sculptured bod, mesmerizing blue eyes and a chameleon-like projection.  One look at his almost scandalous poses and you know he’s got what it takes to turn heads. And this talent comes with the price of being quite popular not only in the runway but in ads as well.
Alex Loomans once again proved his photographic charisma in the October issue of Hercules mag for its Leisure Class editorial, where he was splendid-looking in lounge wear and boxers – a perfect figure amidst towering mountain ranges. The photo made Loomans look classy and almost sweet as a choir boy –showing that he can change looks like a chameleon when needed. Contrary to first impressions, Alex Loomans is more than that boyish boy next door, he can fit in any character if the photographer willed him to.
For Russian GQ, he was photographed by fellow Canadian Walter Chin in a colorful editorial featuring a very poised and subdued Loomans. 
Going naughty again this time, he appeared in V Man in its spring/summer 2009 issue in very risqué poses proudly exhibiting toned muscles and a lithe physique.  This editorial was captured by Belgian photographer Willy Vanderperre in fantastic black and white properly exposing the models almost to the skin.  In GQ Style Germany spring/summer 2009 issue, he posed in harmless beige shorts and top with other “Boys of Summer” in its playful and tasty cover. For all its worth, Alex Loomans’s photos are all captivating and creative. They always have character, more like the model himself.
As expected, Loomans can also exude the same confidence and aura in the catwalk. He spent time walking the runways for iconic designers and labels like DSquared2, Galliano, Cavalli and Alexander McQueen and is also active in Fashion Weeks in Europe and New York. When he first started strutting his stuff on the runway, it was a big bang and he became one of the most sought after male models in the industry. Until today, Loomans’ appeal does not repel the fashion houses. They want more and more of Loomans.
Currently, Alex Loomans is still modeling for Ralph Lauren and is the poster boy for Barbour, the classic British outdoor clothing company.  Loomans also just recently modeled for the Calvin Klein Spring 2010, John Galiano Fall/Winter 2009-2010

His agencies are namely, FM Agency London, Kult Agency Paris, Beatrice Milan, Success Paris, Unique Denmark Copenhagen, Chosen Chicago and DNA New York.

The mystifying Alex

Aside from the tidbit that he loves to ski and snowboard, little is known about his personal life.  It’s not so bad.  It only contributes to the mystery of this unreachable fashion celeb, making him sort of a myth.  His photos speak a lot, though, and for now they will have to suffice. Many of his fans have looked for other juicy tidbits about their favorite model to no avail because Loomans keeps things private and he does not talk too often. This adds more to his mystery and to his sexiness, leaving more stuff for the imagination.
Alex Loomans’ image is so versatile that he can pretty well cover all bases – from boy-next-door to mischievous stud to sophisticated charmer.  All this must come from a very complex personality and a zest for living life.  We would all love to see more of him for a long, long time.  Indeed, his future is looming bright.


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