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Bobbi Wiens

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Bobbi Wiens
One look at Bobbi Wiens and you will know she is different from her peers.  There is a certain edge to her personality, miss naughty and nice. Bobie Wiens is lady sugar and spice.  One thing is for sure, she certainly knows to get all the fun out of life – in the catwalk and outside of it.
Bobbi Wiens

Bpbbi Wiens’ best assets draw your attention to her all at once: those endless legs, perfect pouting lips and feline eyes.  She definitely is not one of your waifish thin models who look hungry all the time.  Wiens fills out well seemingly without an iota of self-consciousness. As with any model she is very confident of herself and is comfortable with her body.  Bobbi Wiens’ stance can be rough but she exudes femininity as well - something that most agents and fashion gurus look for.

Muise stands 5’10”, has piercing blue eyes and lavish dark blond hair.  She’s under Elite Model Management – Toronto, her mother agency, but is also signed with Elite Model Management – New York, LA and Paris, Munich Models and Premier Model Management

One of a Kind Bobbi

Bobbi Wiens was born on April 7, 1989 in romantic Summerland, in British Columbia, Canada but now resides in the very busy City of New York.  This extraordinary vixen took more than a year before she became runway ready, but when she was, she took us all by storm. By firestorm if it may, because she truly rocked the runway.

Bobbi Wiens’ debut was on the spring New York runway for Marc by Marc Jacobs and Alice Roy in 2004.  The following year, she did several print ads for Abercrombie and Fitch under the masterful lens of photographer Bruce Weber. 

The amazing and tantalizing Miss Wiens also appeared in the women’s clothing chain, Topshop, in an ad campaign.  Bobbi Wiens was the August 2005 cover girl of New York magazine.

She did a fresh and innocent shot and another young grunge shot in the spring/summer 2006 Benetton ad campaign with photographer David Sims.  This 4th generation Canadian/European is so versatile she can change looks in a snap making her one of a kind among the gems of the glamorous world of fashion.

In 2007, she lends her elegant charms to the Oscar de la Renta spring/summer Bridal collection - collection that many looked forward to that year.

New York and Paris came next when she walked the fall shows of Diane von Furstenberg, Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier.  Afterwards, Bobbi Wiens went on to appear in the June issue of W in an editorial on fall’s fresh faces.  This time world-renowned photographer Craig McDean photographed her.

More editorials and covers followed with glossies Italian Glamour, Mixte, Jalouse, Velvet, Times T Style, Teen Vogue, Japanese Numero and a lot others.  Elle magazine featured her in their Jean Genie editorial (think a young Brooke Shields in nothing but jeans) where she modeled the latest denim styles from Levi’s and more.  For all its worth, Bobbi Wiens’ photos are all captivatingly beautiful.

Wiens was also a delight in the November cover of GQ where she had the thrilling experience of posing with the dashing Daniel Craig.

Beware of Bobbi the chocolate bandit

When the beautiful and vivacious Bobbi says you have to be yourself in this industry, she really means it.  She does not hide that she has a weakness for chocolate.  In fact, one of her fears is not being able to eat some of that heavenly food. 

When Bobbi was 6, she got into trouble with her mom when she shoplifted a Kitkat and she sometimes steals her friends’ choco stash.  She swears, she smokes, she drinks, and she laughs loud but she still gets along well with others; maybe not too well if chocolate is involved though.

Fans who know her from her native town know her to be both brains and brawn -something uncommon with most in her field.  She loves fixing cars and would want to be an automotive mechanic in the future.  Oh, her garage will never run out of clients admiring her beauty and skills, that’s for sure. 

In her MySpace page, she says she’s adventurous and athletic but not a health freak. Bobbi Wiens does not hide the fact that she smokes and loves herself the way she is. This is what makes her different from all the others because she is always true to herself and true to what she feels.
Bobbi Wiens loves sports and she makes time to at least engage in sports from time to time. She says she does basketball, tennis, rugby and swimming whenever she has the time for it.  Her choice in music shows plenty about her personality.  She listens to just about everything, including Linkin Park, Johnny Cash, Keith Urban and Metallica.  Even her favorite movies are as diverse as she is; most of her favorites though are leaning to historical adventure like Pirates of the Caribbean and Kingdom of Heaven.

Bobbi Wiens is a Winner

Recently, she gamely participated in the launching of “Elite Longboard” where she and fellow Elite Management models crashed the surfing world and designed custom surfboards.  The designer boards are on sale and part of the proceeds will be donated to Women in Need. A model with a penchant for helping people, Wiens is truly a winner in her own right.

She may be partying too hard now, but as they say, seize the day!  As long as your horizon is clear and perhaps when modeling will have lost some of its glitz and glamour, she can discover more of the world out there.  That is just how she is –fun, enchanting, smart and talented.

For now anyway, the modeling world has embraced Bobbi Wiens and she is hugging back. With what she has accomplished for a very short period of time is remarkable. She is not only thankful for all these but as she always does in everything she engages herself with, she enjoys every single moment.



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