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Kelsey Van Mook

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Kelsey Van Mook is new in the modeling industry but she is making a splash. This beautiful lady was born on January 14, 1989 in Vancouver, Canada. She is one of the many Canadian models who have conquered the industry for the past few years but she is one of a kind. Known for her beautiful eyes, Miss Van Mook has landed on a dream job. Her modeling job was an envy of teens her age at the time but Kelsey never bragged about it.

Kelsey Van Mook

Miss Kelsey Van Mook signed her contract with Next Models in New York and debuted in February of 2007 at the fall show for Jeremy Laing in New York City. She also modeled for Marchesa that year, making her a very lucky girl.

By July of 2008, she graces the Flare editorial with her beautiful body and her angelic yet aristocratic face. She was photographed by the talented Chris Nicholls. She however had to things slow down at one point when she skipped fashion week in September of 2008. She did not sign any new projects for the rest of that year since September due to reasons Miss Van Mook never told the press.

By February of 2009 she comes back with a vengeance and walks the runway for Charlotte Ronson, Rachel Comey, L’Wren Scoot, Abaete, Tory Burch and Tracy Reese for their fall collection in New York.

A month later, Miss Van Mook opened the fall show for Givenchy in Paris –making this beauty one of the most sought after newcomers of the season. She was featured that same month by as one of the top ten newcomers of 2009.

Just this August, Kelsey Van Mook has wowed the world yet again for gracing the cover of Vogue Australia wearing Gucci –the newest and most dangerous collection for fall and winter of 2009 and 2010 marking the Canadian’s first cover for the leading fashion magazine. This was released internationally, making it a big project for the doe-eyed beauty.

Van Mook’s bombastic hairstyle and her sassy and sexy look in those dangerously pointed stiletto thigh-high boots on the cover makes this stunner look more astonishing than ever. Her fans say she looks like an old school supermodel –she totally does and she deserves all the attention that the fashion houses and the fashion industry itself could give to her. Being likened to old school supermodels is a big thing and it does not matter who said it because old school supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista,  Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer is a big deal. These supermodels are way different from the younger ones –they were and still are “performers”.
Kelsey has the looks, and has the style to reach that status. If only she was born earlier, she could have been part of the elite group of supermodels.

Van Mook Personal

Kelsey is friends with Abbey Lee, Canadian Tara Gill and Australian vegan model Myf Shepherd.

Kelsey Van Mook is a stunner and is poised to rise from the ranks very soon. She sure has the intensity, the delicate skin and body, the looks and the height. She does not fail to wow her audience both in the runway and outside of it. She is going to make it big.

Kelsey is an extremely beautiful woman both in the inside and out. This contributed to her being casted in Givenchy to open the show. It was no surprise of course but to Kelsey it was something to be thankful for.

Kelsey is a great person. She does not only have the edge but she is very sexy as well. She has this commercial quality that would really sell. In fact, fashion aficionados predict that Miss Van Mook is going to be a real cash cow the next few years and maybe, in many more to come.

Falling in Love with Kelsey Van Mook

The camera loves Kelsey Van Mook. Who wouldn’t? This tantalizing green eyed beauty can charm her way to anything with her mesmerizing face and beautiful and sexy body. That is not all though, Kelsey Van Mook is a very hard working woman who tries to give character to every photo she does.

One favorite example of blog sites and websites all around the World Wide Web, is Kelsey Van Mook’s cover for Aussie Vogue –where she as shown a new brand of sexy to the world. The sexy, young lady was the star of August but to her fans, she will always be their star for all the fashion seasons.

Snagging a position in the Top 10 Newcomer list, the beautiful Miss Kelsey Van Mook did not have to break a leg to get there –being a star in the fashion world is her destiny.
Kelsey bagged the Paris fashion week by opening Givenchy’s 2009 show for its fall and winter collection. For a newbie model, this girl got so lucky for starting debuting with Givenchy. Apart from her runway gigs, Miss Van Mook has put herself in the watch list of every magazine editorial –these are of course, leading fashion magazines.

Kelsey Van Mook sure has wowed the world over and this success is not only because of her hard work and discipline but NEXT’s tutelage and guidance. Miss Van Mook’s debut is one of the most spectacular debuts. The three years worth of waiting and training truly paid off.

Kelsey Van Mook may be young but she walks the runway like a pro. For someone who learns this fast and for someone who has the patience to wait three long years before actually hitting it on the runway – that someone is really going to make it big.

Kelsey Van Mook is sure to establish herself in the next year or so and will definitely be one of the top earners in the next few years.

Kelsey spells sexy and beautiful. As fashion predictions say, this girl is going straight to the top. And Canada goes climbs the ranks yet again with another one of its beautiful exports.



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