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Mackenzie Hamilton

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Mackenzie Hamilton was born on March 14 in the year 1989 in British Columbia, Canada. The Asian-Caucasian beauty signed her contract with DNA Management in 2005 and started to rise above the ranks after that.

Mackenzie Hamilton

Her first magazine cover is for Marie Claire Japan in July of 2005. A year later, Miss Hamilton signs with modeling management Why Not Milan and appears in a Shiseido ad in Japan a few months later. The young woman is loved in Japan although she is not of Japanese descent; this Asian-Caucasian beauty is of Chinese descent mixed with Canadian blood.

The dark brown haired and brown eyed girl grew up in Canada though so she is more Canadian than anything else.

By 2007, Miss Mackenzie Hamilton signs a contract with Viva Paris to broaden her horizons. By September of the same year, she is photographed for a 12 page editorial for Chinese Vogue. Miss Hamilton’s photos were taken by the talented Serge Leblon.

Months later, Mackenzie Hamilton appears on Chinese Vogue again along with other top models of Asian descent.

Her long awaited debut on the runway happened in September of 2007 at the Milan fashion week for the spring fashion shows of Just Cavalli and Belstaff.

By October, Miss Mackenzie Hamilton takes her second piece of the cake in yet another Chinese Vogue editorial. The beautiful Asian-Caucasian’s photos were taken by talented photographer Lachlan bailey.

Hamilton later on poses for United Colors of Benetton. Her photos were shot by the artistic and ultra-talented photographer David Sims.

She is later photographed by Kerry Hallihan for an editorial in Italian Glamour.
By July of 2007, Mackenzie Hamilton appears again in Chinese Vogue’s beauty editorial. Her pictures were shot by the creative Camilla Akrass.

Her most recent photo shoot for Chinese Vogue, “The Rays of the Sun” had Hamilton glowing beautifully. She wore gold nail polish, gold eyelashes and gold accessories to fit the whole theme.

Hamilton Personal

The model turned actress is interested in Philosophy –not the brand but the subject of study. This interest in the subject is something that still puzzles most people since there are no interviews or added tidbits with regards to this. Whatever piques her interest in this interest in Philosophy shows how Miss Mackenzie Hamilton is not just another pretty Asian face. It shows that the beautiful woman has a head over her delicate shoulders as well.

Her very first movie “The Last Mimzy” was released in 2007. It’s a story about two kids who accidentally discovers a box containing strange things they think are toys. As they play with these supposed toys coming from the mystery box, they start displaying higher IQ levels. Their teacher in school tells the parents of the two children that the kids seem to have acquired IQ levels beyond genius. Their parents realize that something of the extraordinary is happening. Emma, the younger of the children tells her mom that she has a toy rabbit that teaches her things. Her mom grows increasingly concerned about it until a blackout disables the whole of the city, later on; the power surge was discovered to be coming from Emma’s house. Everyone realizes that their family has ventured into something that is supposedly coming from the future but they do not know what.
Mackenzie Hamilton’s first movie is of interest not only because of the beautiful model playing a part but because of the plot itself. This science fiction plot has interested many moviegoers the world over and when the script was given to Miss Mackenzie Hamilton, she was intrigued as well.

Mackenzie Hamilton enjoys the runway but enjoys being in movies as well, making her one of the very few models who have ventured into the Hollywood scene. Judging from the movie, there will be more to come from Hamilton and that is something that most of Mimzy fans and her fans in the fashion world pray for.

The model is very good friends with Russian newcomer Daria Strokous known for her beautiful eyes and beautiful long legs. She is also friends with established model and professional cover girl Du Juan –another Chinese model. One other very good friend is Russian model Lyoka Tyagnereva.

Miss Hamilton gets along with different people well. Judging from the company she keeps, it seems that Miss Hamilton doesn’t really care whether one is of Asian descent just like her or not as long as she likes them and has fun being with them. She is a fun person to be around with and a very down to earth one at that.

Mackenzie Hamilton’s Representatives

Mackenzie Hamilton is associated with DNA New York located in Broadway. Other models in the care of DNA are Doutzen Kroes, Natalia Vodianova, Raquel Zimmerman, Magdalena Frackowiak, Morgane Dubled, Milana Bogolepova, Denisa Dvorakova, Bette Franke among others.

She is also affiliated with Models 1 London along with enlisted models Jenny Harper, Alison Nix, Jana Knauerova, Agyness Deyn, Alice Burdeu, Karen Elson, Lilliana Dominguez, Liliane Ferrarezi, Louise Pedersen, Arlenis Sosa, Anna Korzun, Anna Davolio, Karolina Kurkova, Kjell Bracke Annabelle Horsey, Jessica van der Steen among other newcomers. Model 1 London is located at Covent Garden at Macklin Street.

Why Not Model Agency, Milan, Italy is one of the three modeling agencies where Miss Mackenzie Hamilton is enlisted at along with other models Karoline Amaral, Kat Bespyatikh, Alex Sandor, Ali Stephens, Amina Kaddur, Ksenia Hovden, Kim Noorda, Katarina Netolicka, Kinga Rajzak, Aleksandra Matuszak, Ali Michael, Andi Muise, Angelika Kocheba, Lieke Smets, Leigh Yeager, Lindsay Ellingson, Maja Mazur, Angelle Boucher, Angelina Zakirova, Anett Griffel, Coco Rocha, Christina Tosio, Daniela Borges, Daniela Hamm, Raica Oliveira, Rhaisa Batista, Dasha Malygina, Petra Kuklova, Darla Baker, Diana Gartner among others.

Mackenzie Hamilton may not have that many projects as of date but she is one of a kind. In fact, fashion magazines say she ought to have more projects. Miss Hamilton is patient though. After all, not all great models had a sudden rise from the ranks, most of the most coveted and sought after faces today waited a very long time and trained for years just to open a show.  Mackenzie Hamilton is one of those faces to watch not only for this season but for seasons to come.

We will be waiting for Miss Hamilton to rock the runway. And today’s predictions say she surely will.



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