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Meghan Collison

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Meghan Collison
The Canadian model Meghan Collison was born on February 2, 1988 in Edmonton in the province of Alberta, Canada. The model known for her hair, eyes and lips was discovered in a model search in a local mall in 2006. By the time she turned 18 she had to move to New York, after signing with Supreme management. In the same year she also signed her contract with Women Milan.

Meghan Collison

Since then she did ads for Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Anna Sui, and other high fashion houses.

By June of 2007, Meghan Collison was named as a girl to watch before she even hit the runway. And later became one of the most sought after cover girls in the industry.  Her very first cover was for French Revue de Modes, she was photographed by Thierry Le Goues. The day after the French Revue de Modes shoot, she posed for Steven Klein for his private work.

By June 18 of 2007, Miss Collison posed for i-D, her shots were taken by Dan Jackson. Miss Collison did not have much rest after that because two days after the photo shoot for i-D, she modeled for a resort presentation for Alexander Wang. By June 21st of that same year, she posed for Vogue Italia and then later for Japanese Vogue followed by British Vogue. The photo shoots for the three covers were done a day or two away from each other, making Collison a very busy woman.

By June 27, the beautiful girl with blue green eyes posed for Pop and she was photographed by talented photographers Marcus Piggott and Mert Alas.

By July of 2007, Hint magazine hails Miss Collison as “one to watch” predicting her expected rise in the fashion world. She later appears in Fashion magazine for their 30th anniversary cover along with other Canadian models Julia Dunstall and Heather Marks. By September of 2007, Miss Meghan Collison graced the editorial of Dazed & Confused. A month later, she finally landed her first major cover for Italian Vogue with the great Steven Meisel. Steven Meisel liked the Canadian and had her appear on a second issue a month later. She and fellow Canadian model Coco Rocha were featured on the cover for Vogue Italia.

In the same month, Collison appeared in editorials for British and Russian Vogue and by December of 2007 barely a year after she started her modeling career, Collison appeared in yet another editorial, this time for Italian and Japanese Vogue.

2007 was a good year for the fashion model but 2008 proved to be much better when she signed a contract with D&G and Prada for their resort ad campaigns. Early that year, she appeared on Russian Vogue yet again gracing the cover with that extremely beautiful face.

By February of 2008, she was photographed for W magazine. The photographers for the project were Marcus Piggott and Mert Alas. On that same month, she closed the Cynthia Rowley fall show in New York City.

By March, Miss Collison appeared in two editorials –for i-D and for W magazine. This pretty lady finally got some rest when she did not do any projects for April of that year/ She came back a month later with a schedule for a photo shoot for a Chinese Vogue editorial. Collison was photographed by the very artistic Corrine Day.

By July of that year, Meghan is photographed by Corrine Day yet again, this time for an editorial for Vogue, Japan. She also models for the fall catalog for Barneys Co-Op together with Luke Worrel. By October, Miss Meghan Collison appears yet again in an editorial for W magazine, this time the beautiful brown haired girl was photographed Craig McDean.

2009 was started with a bang and Miss Collison rocked the ramps for the first time by walking for Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Prada, Valentino, Gvenchy, and Alexander McQueen for their shows in Milan, New York and Paris.

By April of 2009, she appears in an editorial for German Vogue and she was photographed by Stefan Indlekofer and Claudia Knoepfel. She has a follow up appearance in the editorial a month later and she was photographed by the same pair.

By June, she was featured on Italian Vogue; she was photographed by the great Steven Meisel.  A month later, Miss Collison appears in yet another editorial for Vogue, this time for Russian Vogue. Her shots were taken by the artistic and very creative Miguel Reveriego. She was also later on photographed for a magazine gracing the pages wearing Proenza Schouler. She was photographed by Cragi McDean.

Collison on Studying

The model took some time to go to college. Even with a very successful modeling career ahead of her, she knows how important it is to have an education. She is taking up psychology.

Collison on Fashion

When asked if she has a favorite style item that she owns, the beautiful Miss Collison said “I have a pair of Anna Sui boots that I love. I also own so many pairs of black jeans, can’t go wrong with that! I also have this tank top that is half baby blue and half pink that was given to me by my mother. She used to wear it when she was a teenager.”

Collison Personal

Although born in Edmonton, Meghan’s mother is Ukranian and her father is Icelandic, making her standout from the rest of the crowd. When asked about what is the most important thing in her life as of the moment, the Canadian fashion model answered that the most important thing in her life right now are the people she loves.

This beautiful girl is way beyond the model stereotype, she is thankful for her achievements and admits that she never thought she would have an opportunity such as modeling. 
This girl is not only down to earth but she also never changed her hair color or tried to make her skin color look different. She said in an interview, “No I don’t believe in tanning. It does nothing for the skin, but causes sun damage and premature aging. I think there is nothing wrong with being really pale!” She sticks by her words, Miss Collison is au naturel all the way.



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