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Noot Seear

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Noot Seear was born Renata Seear on October 5th, 1983 in Vancouver, Canada. The Canadian fashion model turned actress is of Dutch descent and has appeared in various ad campaigns for high fashion houses such as Armani, Chanel, Kenzo, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent among others.

Noot Seear

The beautiful Dutch woman was spotted by a scout while she was in a shopping mall. She was only 14 at the time. She later on ventured in to modeling in the year 1996 staying mainly in her hometown. By 1997, she had to move to New York City to gain more exposure. Her catwalk debut was in September of ’98 during the New York Fashion Week. Walking for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Daryl K, Miss Seear wowed the crowd.

In September of ’98, Miss Seear was styled as the Mona Lisa for an Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign. She was photographed by the talented photographer Mario Sorrenti.

A year later, Noot graced the editorial for Cosmopolitan with Patrick Demarchelier taking her photos. By the year 2000, she signed a contract to become the official face for Giorgio Armani.

Many ad campaigns later, Noot appeared in British Elle for its editorial and later on was featured three times on the cover of D, Italia.

2001 was a good year for Noot because it was during that time when she signed a contract with Calvin Klein to become its official face for the CK One Fragrance. She skips the runway for two years and makes a comeback in 2003 by gracing the editorial for German Marie Claire.

The model more popularly known today as an actress for the up and coming movie New Moon, walked for Balenciaga, Lagerfeld, and Lanvin for their gallery shows in Paris, France. She also graced German Vogue’s editorial in April of that year and she was photographed by the very artistic Raymond Meier.

She became the official face for Vera Wang’s bridal ad campaign as well and three years later, she appears in an editorial for Italian Vanity Fair. She signs yet another fragrance contract for the Vera Wang Parfum in 2006 alongside ads for Pantene Pro-V.

A year later, Miss Seear returns home to the runway by opening and closing the spring show for Alexander Wang in New York City.

By September of ’08 she graces the editorial for Elle Italia. She was photographed by the talented photographer Luis Sanchis. It took another year for Miss Seear to appear in another editorial since she became busier with her acting. She posed alongside Coco Young in an editorial for S magazine early 2009.


Noot Seear on Teenage Life

This girl has been modeling since she was thirteen and some would consider her being a tough cookie. Although she admits to growing up too quickly she said she was a hardcore Zack Morris fan. She said in an interview, “Saved by the Bell…I mean Zack Morris, oh. The blonde one? I had posters, the whole thing. I think I’m still a big Zack Morris fan. I’d probably freak out if I saw him at a party. What is that guy doing now?”

Her teenage life consisted of shooting with Mario Sorrenti and other photographers in the industry and she went home to a regular but rather shortened teenage life. Mostly watching Saved by the Bell. She said, “Well the Saved by the Bell thing kind of predated new York. But there was some of that. It was very confusing, being so young and being thrown into that adult world. I hung out with a lot of older people, and I grew up quickly. I was kind of raised by fashion. And some of that teenage stuff, I just missed out on it. But you know like all 14 year olds, I had a few secret crushes on people who probably didn’t know I existed.”


Seear on Anonymity

Miss Seear values her privacy and being able to walk down the street without being recognized by a horde of people. She said in one of her interviews, “I don’t like people knowing my business. So what I’d prefer, rather than go for some big blockbuster after this (New Moon), is to build up my career slowly, with some Indies, things like that. Good scripts, good directors. I’ve managed to have a lot of longevity as a model because I never got overexposed. I’m hoping I can have the same kind of career as an actress.”

Catching up on some Reading with Miss Seear

Miss Seear said she have read the Twilight books. She read them while on board a plane. Noot said, “I read them on airplanes. I think there’s something about flying that heightens emotion, because I was literally crying the whole way through each of those books. Flying and crying. I’m sure people thought I was crazy.” She admitted however that she never read the books before the first movie came out. She said that even though Twilight came out by the time she was casted for New Moon, she still did not have any idea that it was a big production. She was surprised that it was. She said in one of her many interviews, “It didn’t quite hit me until Comic-Con. I mean, people slept outside overnight just to get a glimpse of the cast, and then, you know, we go into this auditorium, and screen a clip of the movie, and the fans are just screaming, like, the loudest noise I’ve ever heard. And the screaming would die down for a minute, and then Rob (Pattinson) would brush his hair out of his eyes or something, and that’s all it would take for the screaming to start up again.”



Noot Seear on being a Model turned Actress

Noot loves Hollywood amidst criticism about a “bad” career move. There are a number of models who have gone to Hollywood and went right back to modeling because of the differences in discipline. As critics say, not everybody could act and not everyone could walk the runway. An alumna of a myriad of ad campaigns and runway walks, Noot Seear’s acting prowess will be judged this November 2009 when her movie New Moon will be released. Although her part as Heidi in the movie is a very small part, the model will still draw some attention because almost everyone is anticipating a failure on her part.

The 25 year old however is enjoying being part of the Twilight gang. Life is too short. Miss Seear should do what she feels she should be doing, whether it is modeling or acting.



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