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Shalom Harlow

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Shalom Harlow
The blue eyed girl with dark brown hair was born on December 5, 1973 in Oshawa, Ontario. She was named Shalom Harlow by her parents Sandi and David Harlow. It is important to note however that Harlow and her parents are not Jewish, she was just named Shalom by her mother because of the beautiful meaning of the word –peace.

Shalom Harlow

Harlow was spotted in a Cure performance in Toronto, Canada and since then she graced numerous magazines and had her share of the catwalk. The now 35 year old model turned actress has an estimated yearly earning of over $2 million. Forbes magazine included Harlow in the list of the World’s 15 Top Earning Supermodels. She was ranked number 13 in the said list.

Well into her 30s, she still modeled for Jones, Tumi, Tiffany & Co., Chloe and Nautica New York. By 2008, she was in the campaign for Valentino’s Spring and Summer collection.

Just recently Miss Shalom Harlow was featured in a digital catwalk, the only model who has done such a thing for Viktor & Rolf for their Spring and Summer show for 2009.

A Supermodel in the Movies

Miss Shalom Harlow’s first movie was “In & Out” released in 1997; she played the character of Sonya. Two years later, the supermodel released her second movie “Cherry” playing the role of Leila Sweet.

By 2001, she played the role of Jade in the movie “Head Over Heels”. She was also in Tom Cruise’s movie “Vanilla Sky” playing the role of Colleen. A year later she came out with “The Salton Sea” and “Happy Here and Now”. By the year 2003, Miss Harlow played the character of Judy Green alongside Kate Hudson in the romantic comedy “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, along with the said movie she also played the role of Charlotte in “I Love Your Work”. In 2004 she appeared in “Melinda and Melinda” and “Game 6” a year later.

Her movie “The Last Romantic” came out in ’06 while “Alvin and the Chipmunks” came out in ’07.

The Beautiful Girl on TV

The beautiful Miss Harlow started her TV career as a co-host for House of Style from ’96 to ’97. She concentrated on movies and the runway after that. By 2001, “When I was a Girl” came out and three years later she played the character of Melissa Greenfield in “The Jury”.

Shalom the Supermodel

Shalom Harlow looks dramatic almost always. When she went to the red carpet she looked stunning in a black frothy dress, capturing the concept of “Model as Muse”. The supermodel always makes sure that she sets herself apart from the other people in the crowd. Shalom always takes it to the next level.

What do you expect? Miss Harlow is an alumna of the runway and is a professional cover girl. She first graced the covers of a fashion magazine when she appeared in Canada’s Toronto Life Fashion in November of 1990. A year later she appeared in Flare Canada.

By February of 1993, she appeared in Allure (USA) and later in Canadian Images, Vogue Italia, and in Allure again barely months later after her first Allure cover.

Vogue Italia couldn’t get enough of Harlow as well when she posed for the cover once again in July of 1993. French Glamour magazine had Harlow pose for them for their September cover in the year 1993.

Two years later, she appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan USA to open the year. She also posed for the cover of O’fficiel (France) in February of ’95. Harper’s Bazaar got a taste of this dramatic beauty when she posed for their cover in 1995. By April of the same year, she graced the cover of British Vogue. Vogue UK couldn’t get enough of Harlow so she appeared on their cover yet again barely a month later. The Vogue photo shoot was followed by British i-D and Cleo of Australia both in June of ’95. By August the busy Miss Harlow appeared on the cover of W magazine. A month later she again graced W with her alluring beauty. Vogue loves her beautiful face and tantalizing body when she posed again for the leading fashion magazine a month after posing for W.

She has proved her allure once again when she posed for the covers of Allure (USA) in January of ’96 followed by Harper’s Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Vogue USA, W, Marie Clair Italy, French Vogue, Ragazza, and yet another Marie Claire cover in May. By June she appeared in Harper’s Bazaar once again followed by American Elle, German Vogue and German Elle. In September of that same year, Miss Harlow appeared in W followed by another cover for Marie Claire USA in November.

She appeared in Time magazine’s cover in March of 1997 along with yet another W magazine cover. By April of ’97 the blue eyed beauty appeared once again in French and American Vogue. Her magazine photos prove to be as extensive as her career. Appearing in the world’s leading magazines until 1999.

Her pictorials range from Purple Fashion to Celebrity Sleuth. When she was not on the cover of the magazine she was always in the inside of it. Her very first pictorial was with Flare Canada in January of ’91 followed by Toronto Life Fashion, Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Officiel, Elle, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Playboy (USA), New York Magazine, Frank, Arena, Max Italia, High Society and Detour.

She was also featured in several articles in print. She appeared in Entertainment Weekly in March of 1996 in the USA TV Guide in 1992 for Lynn Schnurnburger’s “This Year’s Models”

Her ads and covers on magazine did not contain interviews though. Her very first interview on print was with Cosmopolitan USA in January of ’95 when she graced the cover of the magazine. She was interviewed by Lisa Simmons, she was also interviewed in Interview USA in November of ’95 followed by “A Model Gives Comedy Her Best Shot” in The Record USA in 1997. She was interviewed by Virginia Rohan.

During those times, Shalom Harlow was also doing a few movies and TV series. The supermodel has always been busy and her longevity in the runway business and in the movies is proof that Miss Harlow still has that allure that got her into the modeling business even if she is now 35 years old.



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