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Yasmeen Ghauri

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Yasmeen Ghauri
The tantalizing Yasmeen Ghauri is one of the world’s top models. This Canadian beauty is born to Pakistani and German parents. Her father Moin Ghauri was a Muslim cleric in Quebec’s Muslim Community. Both parents, Linda and Moin were opposed to their daughter’s modeling but they later on supported her because she loved what she was doing.  In an interview with E! Yasmeen Ghauri said, “Muslims are not allowed to dance. You are not really supposed to show skin, you are supposed to be covered and be modest and all these things are completely opposite of what I am doing now.”
Yasmeen Ghauri
Moin and Linda Ghauri later on accepted that this is their daughter’s calling. Moin Ghauri said in an interview, “I am a Muslim and modeling is not something that we allow. But it was her decision, and she will have to live with the consequences.  ”

Yasmeen’s Early Life and Career

The fashion model had a troublesome childhood. She was often tormented in school by children of her age. She later on did not socialize with any of them and preferred to hang out with older kids in her neighborhood.
She later worked in a McDonalds chain at the age of 17 and little did Ghauri know that it was to open doors to the world of glitz and glamour. The soon-to-be one of the top models of the world was spotted by artistic director for a hair salon in Montreal Edward Zacharia. When he saw the budding beauty he immediately invited her to see Joseph Del Tontoon who has been doing business with the modeling industry for 12 years at the time. Del Tortoon knew that Ghauri was going to be one of the best.

Back in McDonalds, Yasmeen Ghauri was described as the girl usually dressed in black. She was a very good employee though because at the time when Zacharia spotted the beauty, she was the Employee of the Month. Zacharia and the owner of Platine Coiffure Joseph Del Tortoon told the 17 year old to join a modeling agency in Montreal, arranging photo shoots for the girl.

The photos were never released though because it showed the 17 year old topless with just her hands covering her breasts. Her parents disapproved of her modeling from the very start.
For Ghauri’s mentors however, the time was right and she was ripe to join the modeling industry. The shifting of tastes in the world of glitz and glamour was the best time to have her join the catwalk. Someone with an ethnicity such as hers was very much welcome in the industry. Yasmeen’s dark skin and brown eyes and hair was a perfect fit in that shift in taste. She was later on called exotic because of her features. Thanks to her Pakistani background and her German mother’s beauty, Yasmeen Ghauri was something delightfully different.
Career Highlights
Six years after being discovered for the modeling industry, she met Carol Bernardi who helped the young beauty get modeling stints and later introduced Ghauri to managers from Next management Company.
In her very first interview with E! Yasmeen Ghauri said “My father was not really happy with me modeling. I am putting him in jeopardy. I am going to hell; it’s very dramatic.”

Amidst the drama, Yasmeen Ghauri continued pursuing her modeling career. She has always been rebellious and this inflamed her determination more.  Her parents got a divorce in 1980 and Yasmeen still lived with him at the time. However, when he disapproved of it more and more she figured it was time to move out and go to New York. Ten years later, she modeled for Versace where she got noticed by fashion critics and gurus. She was praised for her exaggerated runway walk gaining the name “The Panther”. Her poise and humility was also praised by various magazines at the time. The term exotic being associated with the Ghauri name was humbly denounced by the Pakistani-German beauty.
It was not surprising for the model to become the sweetheart of both Paris and New York. In the ‘90s she appeared in her very first major magazine cover –it was for Elle. Soon after Elle, she signed a contract to become the official face for Chanel followed by yet another contract to become the face for Jil Sander. By the end of the year 1990, she graced the cover of Elle France twice for their July and December issues.
By September of 1990, the exotic beauty walked for Gianni Versace in Milan and by October of the same year she flew to Paris and walked for high fashion houses Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier, Helmut Lang, and Chanel.

Her success in the runway was noted by her critics and the fashion industry itself. She became the official face for Christian Dior in 1991 followed by Anne Klein in the same year.
1991 proved to be a very hectic yet successful year for the fashion model when she was photographed for Italian Vogue for January alone. In that same month she also graced the editorial for Harper’s Bazaar.

The exotic Pakistani-German was not only the favorite among high fashion houses but a favorite of photographers as well. Patrick Demarchelier, a renowned photographer at the time said that Ghauri is his favorite subject of all times when he photographed the model for Vogue Italia
She also appeared in British Vogue by the end of 1991.

Ghauri and the Body of Death

Unlike the delicately thin models of today, Ghauri has curves. Backstage, other models called her as one with the body of death because of her astonishingly perfect curves that never really bordered into thin.
The model’s popularity grew and she landed more and more runway stints and photo shoots than ever. Her appearance on the runway started the Canadian invasion of the catwalk.

Popularity and Retirement

1992 proved to be a better year for Yasmeen Ghauri. She signed a contract with Victoria’s Secret in 1992 and was later followed by another contract as the official face for Versace and Valentino couture.  She appeared in many runway stints and magazine covers afterwards.
By 1996, after a very successful yet heady career, Ghauri’s retirement was speculated at the time. She later retired in 1997 and said in her interviews that she plans to take up business.
Miss Yasmeen Ghauri has a daughter and her name is Maya. Mother and daughter are very active in fundraising events; the most notable of these charities is saving the Black Forest of Germany.



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