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The company.† Founded back in 1972, the fashion label Monsoon opened its first store in London in Beauchamp Place. After a huge success, the retailer started to expand further in the UK, later internationally, becoming one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of fashionable items for women and children.
Established by Peter Simon, Monsoon today is an eco-friendly clothing brand selling its products in as many as 54 countries in over 600 stores. Apart from fashionable and quite affordable high quality apparel, the company offers a line of fragrance, shoes and home decorative designs, providing a different approach to the customer service and product design.
This branded clothing has a unique identity, improvised by the designers with a creative talent in fashion who can guarantee the quality of an up-to-date trend. Drawing upon inspiration from high-end designers such as Vivienne Westwood , Monsoon has remained consistent in it's ability to provide fashion-forward clothing within a high-street price range. With an emphasis on quality and ethical awareness, this store has also become something of a favourite amongst environmentally conscious consumers.
Natural fabrics, used in shaping the original forms of dresses, tops, jackets, jeans and skirts, such as wool, silk and cotton represent the main idea of the clothing line along with beautiful embroidery and sequin details, making the final outfit look exactly as most of the women would love to wear.

We particularly love Monsoon dresses which have lots of bright colours, just take a look at some of the latest designs. These dresses have several categories; casual, evening, jumper, beach, shirt, bridal and bridesmaid dresses. Casual dresses are suitable for daily use.
They may have a pin tuck top or a round neckline or a V-neck or a bow front, a gathered waist and a floral or daisy print. Silk blend dresses generally have around 55 percent silk and 45 percent cotton. A concealed side zip with a contrasting sash adds to the aesthetic appeal of the dress. Some dresses have a plated skirt and a frill edge with a jagged hem line for an added feminine touch. The smart dresses often use print designs with adjustable strap ties and soft silky materials for a corporate look. Evening dresses are mostly full length gowns designed for a night out on the town. Jumper dresses are usually completely linen with a slash neck.
Beach dresses often have floral prints designed for lounging in the sun with the fabric composed of 70 percent cotton and 30 percent silk. Shirt dresses have a high collar with embroidery and pintuck details on the front and the back. Bridal dresses reflect the joyful nature of the wedding day and are usually virginal white. The bridesmaidís dresses too are festively embellished in various colours.
Monsoon values and ethics: We know our responsibility extends beyond your wardrobe, so we've been trying our hardest to live by these values since 1973. We don't want to leave heavy footprints on our wonderful world, so encourage recycling and energy saving across our business. We remain committed to our bohemian roots, supporting ethical design and handicrafts to create fashion that makes you both look and feel good. From the artisans embroidering our clothes to the teams serving in our shops, valuing people isn't just fashionable, it's a part of who we are. Through the Monsoon Accessorize Trust, we have been helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged women and children in Asia since 1994.
Monsoon's fantastic multinational achievement is due to the strong relationships with the partners. Many of the joint venture team have worked with the company for several years. By working tightly together, the outcome is the exquisite products that represent individuality, originality and strong global brand values.
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