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Blouse with Frills at the Front. Instead of wearing a plain tank top this summer, look ultra fashionable with this adorable blouse. Featuring an orange, brown and turquoise pattern, this top will definitely draw attention from onlookers. It has sheer, lightweight fabric so you can choose to wear a white tee underneath or simply go bare. The design also features delicate frills that are found along the bust and on the backs of the shoulders.

The square-shape neckline and thick shoulder straps give the piece a contemporary edge, while dainty frills keep the top feminine. The midsection is stretchy, and the flowy fabric allows this piece to flatter the female form. The fluid hemline completes this trendy summer outfit, which is made from 100 percent polyester. The open neckline leaves plenty of room for beaded jewelry, and a set of dangle bracelets pull the look together. Wear the frilly blouse with a pair of white shorts and brown sandals.

Resin Trousers. Slim up your legs with these stylish resin trousers. Available in a shiny black color, the resin gives the pants added shine and lacquer. Although they look skin-tight, you can enjoy comfortable fabric made from a polyester and cotton blend. The pants also feature a bit of elastane for added stretch that trims the legs and stays in place. With the glossy look, you can wear this outfit to the clubs or on that special dinner date.

Sassy and playful, these resin trousers are simple in design and perfect for elongating the legs. The rich black color and ankle-length hemlines give the legs a slenderized look. Youíll love the silver zippers at the hems that add extra flair. The tops of the pants are like any other denim jeans, as they feature two rounded pockets, belt loops and a button snap. Toss on a silver blouse and pair of strappy black sandals, and you have a sultry look for a night on the town.

Draped Dress. Super chic, super classy, this adorable dress is just what you need for a flirty dinner date or night on the town. Available in a deep black color, this piece speaks for itself. It has a strapless design that rounds along the bust line and continues in the back, leaving the back bare. The bodice is tight-fitting yet flattering, and there is a small division between the top and lower half of the piece.
What makes this design something to admire is that it features layers of draped fabric. These carefully placed layers come across the left side of the piece and then across the right. The skirt is especially unique as the layers fall along each other, creating a V-opening. This opening then opens up to the plain, black fabric that continues throughout the rest of the piece. Although a masterpiece of its own, this draped dress looks stunning with strappy, black sandals and a sequined clutch.

Striped Jacquard Dress. This striped jacquard dress is super stylish and can be worn from day to night. The design is available in two distinct color patterns: A shade of red, orange and yellow and a shade of blue and green. The pattern consists of different length stripes that wrap around the entire design of the outfit. Thereís no fussing with this piece either, as the polyester and cotton blend is lightweight, falling comfortably into place.

The cut of the dress is nothing short of trendy, as it features a petite scoop neck, short sleeves that are rounded along the shoulders and a loose-fitting design. To add definition, wear a thick brown or white belt around the midsection. The bottom of the design gently hugs the hips and then falls inches above the knees. A pair of brown sandals and a small, brown handbag are fashionable accessories that complete this casual yet tasteful outfit.

Voile Shirt. If you want a look thatís fresh and updated without compromising your modesty, this voile shirt fits the bill. Made from cotton, the fabric is lightweight and sheer, going on easy and falling effortlessly into place. Itís available in a natural color, which means you can wear this versatile top with a pair of denim jeans or black trousers. The design is simple and features clean lines and loose-fitting fabric that flatters all body sizes.
The voile top has a high-cut neck with a collar that encompasses the neckline. Small, white buttons line the center of the shirt, while thin cuffs outline the sleeves. Although the front of the design appears roomy, the back has added definition. Along the middle are four buttons that hold the fabric together and create a tailored look. Enjoy this blouse with a pair of blue trousers and brown sandals, as well as a large handbag.


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