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Calvin Klein continues to make a strong presence on the runway and recent trends include a perfect balance between sportswear and fashion. The menís collection focuses on a black and grey color palette with bursts of red. Tailored suits, tweed jackets and simple trench coats fall effortlessly over knit sweaters and cotton pants in the Winter 2011 collection. Dress pants feature stripes and pinstripes, while suit vests and double breasted jackets complete the signature businessmen look.

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Represented by the signature ďcKĒ emblem, Calvin Klein is an American fashion label established by Calvin Klein in 1968. Selling men and womenís clothing, accessories, fragrances and home goods, Calvin Klein is a high-end but versatile brand sold in department stores throughout the world. Recognized on a global level, Calvin Klein has continued to offer fresh, innovative designs to the market that keep consistent with todayís trendsetting fashions. Those who grew up during the 1980s canít fathom fashion without thinking of Calvin Kleinís defining ways.

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Calvin Klein was born November 19, 1942 in the Bronx, New York. He grew up in a middle class Jewish area that embraced first and second generation immigrants. During his teen years, Klein enjoyed sketching designs for womenís clothing, focusing his creations on womenís suits and dresses. These projects landed Klein scholarships to the New York High School of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Klein worked on his studies at a time when Americaís fashion trends were evolving. Instead of the designs being replicas of European trends, America was beginning to have its own unique tastes. Klein took advantage of this market and launched his first set of coats and dresses in 1968, the same time that his label was born. Klein received financial support from his childhood friend, Barry Schwartz, and worked with a seamstress to put his coat and dress designs on the market. Inspired by the fresh, urban youth of New York, Klein knew he wanted his fashions to reflect this upbeat culture.
Klein had the right idea, as a customer from the Bonwit Teller of New York took notice of his showroom and purchased $50,000 worth of merchandise. The department store featured Calvin Kleinís designs in eight of their windows, knowing that the collection would be a success with New Yorkís dynamic culture. After the first showing of his collection, Klein launched a line of designer sportswear.

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Featured in Vogue and Harperís Bazaar, Calvin Kleinís designs received widespread attention from fashion critics and affluent individuals. In 1970, Klein went on to launch his first pair of denim jeans. He elevated them to designer status by adding his CK logo on the back pocket and relied on a tight-fitting silhouette. Adding to the jeansí reputation were the enticing advertisements, one featuring a fifteen-year-old Brooke Shields. The sexy jeans and tempting ads were enough to sell 40,000 pairs of jeans a week, especially with their more affordable price tag.
Klein went on to expand his product line to include boxers and briefs, tampering with the underwear market. Instead of creating radically different designs for men and women, Klein toyed with masculine-cut bikinis for women and silky boxers for men. He relied on clean lines and neutral colors that had a gender-neutral focus. Fragrances were next on the list, and in the 1980ís, Klein launched his staple fragrances, Obsession and Eternity. He continued to expand his collections and offered swimwear, hosiery, eyewear and accessories. Calvin Klein had an influential presence over fashion and even made menís shorts ďcoolĒ during the 80s.
During the 1990s, Klein launched his more affordable line, CK, which focused on minimal details, clean lines and sleek silhouettes. He continued to include sex appeal in his clothing advertisements, using prominent actors such as Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Sabato Jr. Kleinís advertisements were often on the verge of controversy for their risqué appearance, and in 1995, Klein found himself at the center of a heated debate from anti-pornography advocates. These ads were forthright, as they featured young teens in provocative positions. Klein decided to pull these ads from television in order to avoid further uproars from the public.
Calvin Klein is no stranger to the award-winning scene, as he was the youngest fashion designer to win the Coty Award in 1973, 74 and 75, and was also awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award in 1982, 83, 86 and 93. Klein was also presented with Americaís Best Designer of 1993 Award. Kleinís designs are always on the forefront of the fashion scene and are worn by many Hollywood icons, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Helen Hunt and Julia Roberts. The company is now owned by Phillips Van Heusen, who purchased the brand in 2003.
Calvin Klein remains one of the most prominent designer fashion labels in the industry. With the variety of collections and accessories, Calvin Klein and CK are high-end luxuries that come at more affordable prices than other designer brands. The label is still admired for its ability to make men and womenís fashion obscure, offering a variety of accessories and fragrances that are unisex. Menís clothing continues to be handsome, masculine and simple, while the womenís are sophisticated, classy and refined.
With Kleinís simplistic designs, the completeness of the outfit comes from the attitude and confidence of the wearer. Perhaps this is what has made his advertisements so compelling, as someone like Mark Wahlberg could take an ordinary pair of white underwear and turn them into something exotic, while an ordinary fragrance could turn Kate Moss into an ďobsessionĒ.
For the women, the Winter collection incorporates a pale color palette that includes shades of beige, grey, black and off white. Straight legged skirts, fitted jackets and knitted cardigans are at the heart of the casual designs. Shimmery dresses that cling to the female form are perfect for dressier occasions and look stunning next to a princely Calvin Klein suit.
Calvin Klein will always be recognized for blurring the lines between masculine and feminine fashions, while using alluring advertisements to sell the brand. While the label now operates under Phillips Van Heusen, it continues to be an influential part of American fashion.

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