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Today, Chanel remains a label that represents elitism, elegance and prosperity. Chanel suits are modest and perfect for today’s working women, as the suits are dignified yet comfortable. In fact, one of the most replicated styles from Chanel is the tweed Chanel suit that features a cardigan jacket that is nipped at the waist. Dresses are made from luxe fabrics and are adorned in embellishments, such as gorgeous beads, crystals and sequins.

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Chanel is one of the most successful labels in haute couture and has evolved into a world empire, selling ready-to-wear clothing, handbags, fragrances, cosmetics and haute couture. Chanel opened her first shop in 1909 selling women’s headwear. Although small at the time, this boutique would become one of the greatest fashion kingdoms in the world. It wasn’t long before she was upgraded to Rue Cambon in Paris. In 1913, Chanel introduced a women’s sportswear line that was casual and comfortable, quite different than the stiff, elegant look of the time.

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WWI had an impact on the fashion industry, and Chanel made sure to keep up with this shifting era. Coal was scarce and women were now performing the strenuous jobs that the men once did. Working in these unfavorable conditions, Chanel wanted to offer a women’s clothing line that was warm and comfortable for working females. After opening several stores, she opened another in Rue Cambon and sold flannel blazers, linen skirts, jersey sweaters, sailor tops and skirt-jackets.
Chanel’s designs had a masculine tone and were often inspired by men’s designs. Although simplistic, Chanel’s fashions were widely recognized throughout France as being simple and practical; a collection that every woman longed to have. Besides her warm linen and jersey fabrics that were found in the women’s working collection, Chanel launched her signature black evening dresses and dress-and-coat ensembles in her other Rue Cambon location. It was here that Chanel became a name synonymous with the “little black dress”..
Although Chanel prided herself on simplicity, her fashions were far from ordinary. She incorporated unique materials such as jersey, linen and tulle, and used stunning details to give the pieces authentication, including feathers, fur, metallic fabrics and lace. She followed the fashion trends of the 1920s and continued to produce dresses that had beaded accents. She also designed the woman’s business suit that came in two or three pieces, just as we see today. In 1921, Chanel No. 5 was born and became an instant success. The fragrance was just as simple as her clothing collections and has remained the signature scent for Chanel.

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Many of the traditions we see in today’s fashion industry were influenced by Chanel’s era. She continued to launch new evening couture dresses that represented the feminine style. Many of Chanel’s dresses offered a long, dark silhouette, but her summer collections were quite the opposite. Sporting metallic fabrics, silver eyelets and beaded straps, these dresses were a bit more risqué than previous collections. In 1932, Chanel presented her first jewelry collection that centered on the diamond. It wouldn’t be until 1993 that she actually introduced some of these pieces, including the gorgeous diamond “Comet” and “Fountain” necklaces. Five years later, she launched a clothing line for petite women and when WWII began in 1939, Chanel retired and moved to Paris..
Chanel always did well responding to the competition and in 1953, she faced her greatest competition yet: Christian Dior. With the fashion market centered on Christian Dior’s “New Look”, Chanel knew that the couture market had made many changes over the past decade. She rose to the challenge and partnered with Pierre Wertheimer, launching her namesake brand, Chanel. She designed a new face for women’s haute couture that reflected these modern times and once again became one of the most prestigious labels in the fashion industry. At this same time, Chanel launched a jewelry collection that complemented her clothing styles, including a set of pearls that complemented her knitted wool cardigans..
The label continued to progress and keep up with the changing shifts in the fashion industry, such as by launching handbags that featured gold and metallic chains and quilted leather. Fragrances followed after, as Chanel offered an eau de toilette for men, which remains the number one selling men’s fragrance. Chanel died in 1971 and was still designing new fashions for her collection at the time.
Chanel remains one of the most influential labels in haute couture and operates over 200 boutiques around the world. Advertisements for the company are well-recognized, as they’ve featured some of the greatest icons in Hollywood history, including Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman. With strong marketing and a bold image, Chanel has gone on to expand their fragrances collection, as well as launched watches and cosmetics..
Perhaps what is most exciting about the Chanel label was that it revolutionized women’s fashion. Instead of the thick, corset-like dresses that women worn in the early 1900s, Chanel offered a more casual, simplistic look that didn’t compromise elegance and class. Her simple suits were refined and tasteful, perfect for working women who wanted their confidence to be worn on their sleeve..
Chanel’s little black dress won over the fashion industry and this piece has become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Uncomplicated and minimal in design, the little black dress is a piece that can be worn to all occasions, while making the wearer look strikingly beautiful and feminine. Other highlights from Chanel’s collections included her first cardigan jacket and the Chanel suit, which comprised of a knee-length skirt, wool jacket and meticulous details such as black sewing and gold buttons.

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