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The exquisite women's evening wear as Basix, Mori Lee, Faviana, Landa, Nicole Bakti, Niteline, Ariella, David Meister, Terani, Cote a Cote, Tony Bowls, Jovani and Mandalay is known in Europe and the United States for its stunning styles as cocktail designer dresses, evening gowns and other special occasion women's dresses. Ever so elegant, extravagant dream wear with beautiful satin embroidery, beading, lace and sequins, ideal for stylish modern women.

Presenting the new collection of these famous women's designer dresses featuring sweet, sexy and sophisticated prom, evening, cocktail gowns. Lovely embellishments as lace and sequins details add a distinctive element of flair and glamour to each of these exclusively presented designs.
These dresses remain affordable and the most popular in the US and around the world among the women of any age, character or lifestyle. These unique styles are now available to all quality and comfort loving women worldwide!
Jovani dresses Jovani dresses
Jovani is a name synonymous with designer evening and prom dresses. This family-owned fashion house is a leading manufacturer in womenís attire and collections include prom, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and the newest bridal couture collection. Jovani is always at the forefront of fashion trends, trying out new and exotic styles that make a bold presence in the fashion industry. For these reasons, itís not uncommon to find Jovani dresses being worn by celebrities, as well as featured in the top spreads of high fashion magazines. All of Jovaniís collections are European-inspired, taking direction from the high-class fashion industry. A winner of many prestigious awards, Jovani continues to impress and remains a driving force in a competitive market.
La Femme dresses
A name that represents designer prom dresses, La Femme is run by a group of designers who bring the latest styles and trendsetting fashions directly to the dress industry. In a competitive market, La Femme has never failed to stand ahead of other manufacturers and offer distinct collections that are remarkable works of art. The designs are so rich in color and character, theyíve been featured in top fashion magazines, as well as seen worn by A-list celebrities. To say that La Femme knows elegant dresses is an understatement; La Femme IS what formal dresses are all about. There are many collections offered by La Femme, including prom, evening gowns, cocktail, and a new bridal collection soon to come.
Basix dresses
Say the name Basix and people are instantly drawn to the image of beautiful eveningwear, including stunning cocktail dresses, sophisticated evening gowns, and lovely special occasion dresses that will set you apart from the crowd. The extravagant details and the sequined embellishments are all features that will make you sparkle under the light, drawing attention to your graceful and beautiful image. This season, Basix has transformed its designs to offer flattering fits that are perfect for women of all shapes and sizes. If you want to accentuate your legs, Basix cocktail dresses are the perfect fit. With bubble hems and short skirts that lie a few inches above the knee, these designs flatter long and lean legs, while keeping attention away from the waistline and upper torso.
Terani dresses
New York based Terani Couture is a name synonymous with special occasion evening and formal wear. Featured in hit movies and television shows, as well as seen on A-list celebrities at the Oscarís, Terani is a name that all fashionistas know and love. With a variety of collections that are designed for women, youth, and teens, Terani will have you stealing the limelight at any special occasion. Even though these stunning collections of dresses are designer-quality, they donít come with a designer price tag. Finally, you can have that gorgeous dress youíve always dreamed of, without going over budget. While Terani has many different collections, itís their cocktail, prom, and evening gowns that are most popular.
Tony Bowl
With over 20 years of retail experience, actively selling designer pageant and special occasion gowns, Tony Bowls has brought creativity, knowledge, and expertise to his exclusive line of prom and evening gowns. His start in designing pageant gowns and dressing Miss America and Miss USA contestants have brought a fresh and innovative perspective to his current designs, making them a bold presence in a competitive industry. A Tony Bowls dress is truly remarkable; made from some of the finest fabrics and featuring elaborate details that will surely make you the life of the party. Tony Bowls designs all of his dresses, which have received rave reviews from critics all over the world.
Niteline dresses
The Aiden Mattox Niteline collection is a tasteful blend of prom, bridesmaid dresses, and evening gowns that have all been well-received by the fashion industry. Young girls and women find this label to be consistent with the chic and modern fashions of today, implementing them into stunning dresses that are affordable and look flattering on all shapes and sizes. Niteline dresses have received a positive reputation around the globe, with a large number of avid followers that canít get enough of these trendy and sophisticated cuts. With something for everyone, you surely wonít be disappointed in a Niteline dress that will accentuate your natural curves and make you feel like a princess.
Landa designs
Designed for the bold and confident woman, Landa dresses are truly remarkable in terms of the fabrics and details used to design to each piece. Operating out of Lincolnshire, Illinois since 1987, Landa Designs has a strong vision of creating fashion for glamorous people who find themselves attending high society dinner parties, gallery events, or classical music outings. At the heart of the collections are the prom dresses and evening gowns that are designed to bring their wearers into the limelight. The feminine-inspired styles and artistic details have led Landa to be a name synonymous with award winning prom dresses, perfect for socialities and fashionistas.
Mori Lee
With over 50 years experience in the dress industry, Mori Lee is a name that represents creative bridal and evening gowns. Sold on an international level, Mori Lee is most known for their ability to blend together the vintage qualities of past eras with todayís trendsetting designs. With a wide range of sizes from 0-24, as well as numerous cuts and silhouettes, women of all shapes, sizes, and ages will find something they love with Mori Lee. The luxurious fabrics, handmade details, and youthful energy are what have made this label a top designer in the fashion world, with positive praise from all over the globe.
Les Soirees-Nina
A leader in elegant bridal apparel, Les Soirees is a name that represents timeless beauty. Les Soirees gowns are designed by Nina Canacci, who has gone on to add many collections that include short cocktail dresses, formal evening gowns, and chic prom pieces. With an appreciation for the female form, Les Soirees gowns are flattering to all women, with dresses that fit tall, short, and curvy figures. And, each dress makes a bold presence at any social outing, with rich details that glitter in the light and make a Les Soirees dress stand apart from the crowd. At the heart of the collection are the bridal gowns, which have made Les Soirees a label well-recognized across the globe.
Cote A Cote
Cote A Cote is known for their rich collection of cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and special occasion pieces that never fail to be bold and beautiful. Even though Cote A Cote gowns are designer-quality, they donít carry a designer price tag, making them an affordable option for young women and teens. This discount dress line is well-known across the United States and Europe, and continues to blossom with the new and innovative designs that impress both men and women, making the wearer dazzle on the dance floor. With daring lines and tight-fitting silhouettes, Cote A Cote dresses are made for the modern woman. At the forefront of fashion trends, these pieces offer unconventional designs that havenít been seen on other special occasion dresses.
Nicole Bakti dresses
Specializing in classic and timeless evening dresses and gowns, Nicole Bakti is a label sold through high-end retailers and specialty stores across the U.S., Japan, Canada, Europe, and South America. Dresses are designed by Aida, a young designer who opened her fashion house in 1996 under the name Nicole Bakti, and has since gone on to be a driving force in the fashion industry. While other designers follow the trends, Nicole Bakti is always on the forefront of them, with no fear in being different or unconventional. With these trendsetting ways, Nicole Bakti dresses have been seen on some of the hottest celebrities and remain a true investment for its wearers. With affordable prices and a wide variety of silhouettes and cuts, itís not difficult to find a Nicole Bakti dress thatís both flattering and sophisticated.
Alexia Admor dresses
Established in 1989, Alexia Admor is unlike any other designer dress label in the fashion industry. Going against the common belief that sweet and sexy cannot coexist with one another, Alexia Admor has tastefully blended these two styles together to form a chic and classy dress collection. With such choices as homecoming gowns, prom dresses, and two-piece cocktail outfits, the designer fills a niche in the market and dresses the young and vibrant woman who is looking to achieve a tasteful sensuality with her wardrobe. This New York based company is known for being adorable and young at heart, keeping consistent with the modern trends of today. Over the past 20 years, Alexia Admor has worked up a positive reputation, being sold through a number of high-end fashion stores across the world.
Mandalay dresses
To many, the name Mandalay represents the dark mansion in Daphne du Maurier's classic novel. Yet to those in the fashion industry, Mandalay is a label known for timeless cocktail dresses that are perfect for the modern woman with high society events to attend. Drawing inspirations from the novel, Mandalay dresses have a refined, Victorian elegance that is played out by the floral accents and intricate lace details. While itís the graceful image of the Victorian era that is captured in many of the designs, Mandalay also integrates gothic details, such as black netting placed over floral appliqués. This ultra-feminine collection certainly doesnít come cheap, which is why so many women are drawn to the elegant dresses that make a dramatic entrance at any social function, while keeping eyes on you at all times.
Ariella dresses
With over 20 years designing contemporary clothing, Ariella is sold globally through independent specialty stores. Specializing in homecoming, prom, graduation, and cocktail dresses, Ariella knows how to set the trends, not follow them. Filling a niche within the ladies junior contemporary clothing market, Ariella offers special occasion designer dresses that are on the cutting-edge of fashion, with intricate handiwork and luxurious fabrics. Welcome at any social event, these styles are sure to get you noticed by both men and women who know good taste when they see it. Ariella dresses are designed for the young at heart, which means the styles are always fashion-forward, with a trendy and modern edge.
Faviana dresses
Faviana is a stylish, sophisticated eveningwear collection that is recognized and sold on a global level. With whimsical designs that embrace young women, Faviana offers a fun and playful assortment of dresses that allow women to dress up, just as if they were little girls. With over 20 years in the fashion industry, this designer label has an extensive collection, with dresses that flatter every body shape. While many designers focus on the long and lean figures seen on the catwalk, Faviana embraces the hourglass form, welcoming the womanly curves that most of us are blessed with. With quality workmanship and original styles, Faviana styles are designer-made, but more affordable than other pieces on the market.
Bari Jay
A name synonymous with elegance and fashion, Bari Jay has an important feature that many designer-like dresses donít carry Ė an affordable price tag. Known for its exceptional value that doesnít compromise quality and style, Bari Jay has received positive recognition across the U.S. and Europe and also received the DEBI award, a great honor in the bridal industry. Bari Jay is known for its bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses, which use nothing but lush fabrics, rich colors, and the hottest styles. You can expect to find soft satins, charmeuse, and chiffon materials in many of the designs, as well as beautiful details that turn an ordinary piece into something exquisite. The gowns have been featured on Oprah and the View, all receiving positive reviews and recognition.
Sherri Hill
Sherri Hill is a well-known and respected designer that brings the most creative and innovative styles of prom and pageant evening wear to the dress market. Once studying fashion arts, clothing and textile design at the University of Oklahoma, Hill fell in love with designing eveningwear collections. Her dresses are varied and capture her own excitement for changing styles and fast-paced environments seen in the busy cities. Hillís pieces are works of art and should be treated that way, which is why they come with a high price tag and are only sold through high-end retailers.
Scala dresses
Founded in 1985 by Beeta Grover, a well-known name in the dress and eveningwear industry, Scala has become a driving force in a competitive market. Known for its cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and mother-of-the-bride collections, Scala brings designer-quality pieces at an affordable price. With many of the dresses costing less than $200, buyers find themselves being drawn to more than one design. A few pieces from Scala is all any girl needs in her wardrobe, as these dresses are versatile enough to be worn to different social occasions, while looking fresh and creative each and every time. A pair of heels and a sequined clutch completes any dress from Scala, and the extensive color palette makes it easy to mix and match with different accessories.
Night Moves dresses
Night Moves is a label under the Allure dress company that specializes in attractive prom and party dresses. Your special night wonít be complete without one of these gorgeous gowns that can be purchased from high-end retailers and specialty stores. Night Moves dresses are simply beautiful, with hand-sewn embellishments, lush fabrics, and contemporary cuts and patterns that rival what it means to be different. Designed for young girls and women, Night Moves focuses its designs on prom dresses, making every girl feel like a princess for her special night.
Allure is a designer fashion label where anything is possible. Known for its elegant evening dresses, Allure offers a variety of pieces that are perfect for the girl with a busy social calendar, from high-end galas to nighttime club hopping. With an Allure dress, the wearer knows that the design will outlast others on the market, as the label knows how to tastefully blend together the hottest styles, while remaining true to the elegance and grace found in traditional evening gowns. Since the pieces can be purchased in a several different colors, itís easy to find a dress you love and purchase several for your wardrobe, transforming each one into a different work of art using various accessories, such as shimmery clutches and sexy heels.
Tiffany dresses
Tiffany Designs has been a leader in the fashion industry since its inception in 1994 by Wen Wu. The designer wanted to start a line of dresses named after his daughter and Tiffany Designs was born, being part of the collection from House of Wu. Tiffany dresses were intended to have a girl-next-door quality, perfect for proms and birthdays, yet not limited to these functions either. Using high quality fabrics, intricate details, and hand-sewn embellishments, every dress from this collection is extraordinary and tells a story all its own.

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