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Scala dresses may be a bargain, but they certainly donít lack in quality or craftsmanship. In fact, Scala is an official sponsor of Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe Pageants and are often seen worn by the contestants. Being sold in 42 countries, the fashion label is recognized and sold on an international level. The fit of a Scala dress is simply meticulous, with a variety of silhouettes that flatter any figure. Those with petite bodies will love the sultry cocktail dresses that hug every curve and sit inches above the knee. Those with an hourglass shape will enjoy pieces that fit looser around the waist and hips, with tiered fabrics and layered skirts. And, if you decide that your legs arenít your best feature, Scala offers a variety of long, elegant dresses that keep the legs covered.

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The short and sexy cocktail dresses are the focus of Scalaís collections, with a variety of cuts that flatter every inch of a womanís body. The details that align each dress are exquisite and rely heavily on glistening sequins and shimmering beads to bring character and passion to each design. Itís not just the type of details that are used that make these dresses stand apart from others; itís the way that these details are used. Instead of just adding small sections of sequins or beaded straps, these pieces are completely studded from top to bottom. The way a Scala dress glistens in the light is amazing, making them the ideal pieces for late night clubbing or social occasions with lots of dancing.
The short hems are more favored by the label, keeping consistent with the short and sultry cocktail dresses that demand attention. Yet besides the fully sequined pieces, Scala offers a tasteful assortment of evening gowns that are suitable for a more refined style. The gowns feature long hemlines that sweep the floor and A-line silhouettes that flatter the lower half of the body. While these evening dresses may be more polished than the cocktail collection, The label still offers the same playful fun in the designs, such as diamond brooches at the bust, sequins that swoop the neckline, and off-the-shoulder cuts that give each piece the personality it deserves.
Once you take a look at the designs offered by the fashion house, youíll never be surprised at what the label has to offer. With a vibrant color palette, you can expect to find dresses that utilize creativity. Popular colors include fuchsia, turquoise, and citrus, each one bright and cheery just like Scalaís designs. While the label tends to stick to brilliant colors and patterns made out of sequins, there are several floral patterned dresses that are perfect for the graceful female. Wide scoop necks, off-the-shoulder, and strapless designs all leave room for stunning pieces of jewelry, such as Swarovski crystals or a set of pearls.
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