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Sherri Hill dresses are no stranger to the red carpet or Miss America Pageants, and many of the recent Miss USA winners have been crowned wearing these pieces. The beautiful, lush fabrics, exotic prints, and elaborate trimmings are what make these dresses stand apart from others on the market. In fact, Sherri Hill has the gift of blending together both modernity and elegance, such as by designing a dress that grabs your attention with bold prints and is then accented by feminine netting and bows.

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Made with the urban female in mind, wild animal prints, bold colors, lace, and appliques are just some of the details youíll find with a Sherri Hill dress. Nothing is too unique or unusual for one of these pieces, as Hill has been known to include spider webs, glistening swirls, fringes, and sparkles on many of her designs. A Sherri Hill piece is one that must be worn with confidence, as these dresses are not made for the quiet and shy female. Instead, the dresses are intended to match the personality of its wearer, which is why it takes the self-assured woman to slip herself into this dress and wear it with the pride it deserves.
Perhaps even more exciting is that a piece from Sherri Hillís collection is dramatic, making for a powerful entrance and presence at any high society event. After all, when attending a social occasion, the last thing you want to do is blend in with the rest of the crowd. Besides the remarkable details, the dresses have stand-out silhouettes that are different than anything else seen on the market. Reaching out to women of all shapes and sizes, more mature tastes will love the modest cuts around the bodice, long hemlines, and styles that arenít too revealing. Of course, the younger females will enjoy the trendy, sexy silhouettes that arenít afraid to show off some skin, a common theme with the cocktail dresses.
No matter what style youíre going for, the innovative cuts offered by Sherri Hill accentuate the best features of women while still capturing the hottest trends of the season. The formal gowns are long and elegant, with hemlines that drape down to the floor and cuts that elongate the body, giving women the look and feel of royalty. The creativity really shines through in her cocktail collection, which offers a rich blend of short, sexy dresses that hug every curve. Some of the pieces are certainly daring, with short hemlines that fall generously above the knee and tight-fitting bodices with peek-a-boo openings around the bust.
Sherri Hill dresses are perfect for all types of occasions, including charity events, ball dances, proms, or even a hot night on the town. Theyíre artistic and always feature a bold color palette, including deep reds and purples. What complete these outfits are their accessories, which should be just as dramatic as the dress itself. From oversized bangles to clutches in vibrant colors, the final package is one that will steal the night away.

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