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Xscape brings fresh and exciting pieces to the dress market, keeping consistent with their sultry, hip-hugging designs that leave little wiggle room. In order to fit a variety of body shapes and sizes, Xscape works with a number of stretchy fabrics that are approving of curvier figures. The sheer matte jersey and air jersey chiffon are just two examples of these lush fabrics with a bit of stretch. Other fabrics used include taffeta, satin, and chiffon, all of which have a smooth, sheer look to them, making onlookers take a second glance.

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For over 25 years, Xscape has been one of the largest manufacturers of special occasion dresses. Their pieces are known to fit like a glove, hugging every curve and embracing the female form. Each dress is sexy and sophisticated, with a modern flair that is sure to get you noticed at your next social occasion. With affordable prices, you can purchase several Xscape dresses to fill out your wardrobe, as these pieces are versatile and can be worn to a number of places, whether it is a high-end gala event or family affair.
Itís not just the fabrics that Xscape relies on to make a bold statement; the designer fashion label also knows how to work with this fabric. Ruched bodices and folded details across the bust are a few of the characteristics of an Xscape design. In an effort to be alluring yet tasteful, the brand also incorporates ruffles and floral embellishments around the neckline. Drawing attention toward the bust and neck, the dresses also include thick straps that are completed jeweled, as well as one-shoulder straps that feature layers of ruffles and ruching.
Xscape pays equal attention to their short and long cuts, with a palatable assortment of cocktail dresses and formal gowns. The cocktail pieces are short and fall inches above the knee, relying on the ruched fabrics and ruffled details to bring character and personality to each piece. This collection is minimal in design, which means you can wear it again and again, switching up the look with a dazzling set of crystals and a sequined clutch. With the short hemlines, fitted skirts, and bubbled hems, these cocktail dresses are perfect for girls who love to show off their legs, while still remaining true to their polished image.

The evening dresses are a bit more refined, as they keep the lower half covered and offer gracious cuts around the bust and neckline, such as low V-necks and thick straps. These elegant pieces feature form-fitting bodices and slim skirts, which accentuate a womanís curves. Although many of the formal gowns are strapless or one shoulder, you can find capsleeves and scoop necks that keep the chest and shoulders covered, perfect for work functions or family affairs. And, for a dress that meets the demands of both a sexy cocktail dress and a graceful evening gown, there are knee-length pieces with A-line silhouettes that show off some skin without being over the top. Mermaid cuts and skirts that flare out for a dramatic appearance are other staples from the Xscape collection, always focusing on fashion-forward trends that dress the modern woman.

Each designer fashion label has a unique take on color and patterns, and Xscape is no exception. Xscape relies mainly on their basic color palette, which includes shades of blue, red, and pink. Most dresses capture one color, and itís perfected in a way that shows off the material and details in the fabrics. Indeed, the label also offers several dresses that feature swirled prints, drawing in a variety of colors that are destined to stand out at any event.


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