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Diesel trends stretch out from Japan to Iceland. Worn to its great part by men, jeans and denim became also popular among women who also like military style. Diesel jeans and jackets remain the items of choice for the fans of this Italian fashion house..


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Since 1978, Diesel has attracted a following of fashion loving fans who enjoy the label's edgy, wearable designs. The fashion brand is best in designing jeans (well-worn, dirty, and industrial for the most part). The military looking fabrics, like leather, denim, and canvas, are often seen with details like ruffled trims, extraneous zippers, and jagged seams, perfect wear for the urban, club-happy crowd that snatches them up.
Ten years after, the Italian clothing company achieved great success when the Creative Director Wilbert Das was hired as the leading designer. Welbert introduced the new marketing strategy in the beginning of 90s and opened the first store in New York, the main location back in 1996. Concentrating mainly on jeans and denim Diesel attracted male customers and lovers of quality denim fashion and recently reaching great numbers in sales of children's wear.
It is mostly Diesel jeans denim, Diesel jean jackets, tank tops, t-shirts that make the brand but they also sell many other items of clothing and accessories and when you are stuck in a fashion rut, you can surely find everything you have ever wanted from its fashion. You can be sure that the accessories and clothes will match your individuality, and bring something new and exciting to your wardrobe. The innovative versatility of the styles, the infinite range of designs available will make you see that Diesel clothing is a step in the right direction for your personal fashion development and that you are always centre-stage.
Diesel clothing brand today holds the top position in modern fashion empire, launching new lines like beachwear, underwear, accessories, apparel for kids, eyewear and jewelry. Selling its clothing and accessories under many other brands like Safilo, L'Oreal, Fossil. The stores can be found in 80 countries in as many as 5 thousand retail shops.
Black Gold is the latest line premiered in February 2008, a luxury subdivision of prêt-à-porter denim adding a premium touch to already famous Diesel Denim Gallery. You will be able to find accessories like bags and shoes with the new Diesel Black Gold label in Spring 2009.
Diesel kingdom stretches in fashion and art by sponsoring youth projects, supporting talents and providing charity actions, helping younger generations in their ambitions. As of 2009, Diesel clothing is planned to be sold in the virtual world of PlayStation by signing an agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment company.
Diesel today is styled in the unique way for those who lives to express their individuality by the fashion they wear. It has become the quality company, taking part in youth culture world-wide. The  stores are currently spread around 80 countries selling jeans, clothing and accessories in over 5000 sale locations.
The brand has the following lines: Diesel as the main line, Black Gold - the casual segment launched in 2007, Diesel Kid - designed for children, Diesel Denim Gallery - an exclusive limited line selling in art galleries. Diesel eye-wear branded "Safilo", the jewelry and watches are sold under "Fossil" trade mark, the fragrances presented by "L'Oreal", "Fuel for life" became available in 2007 in collaboration with "L'Oreal". Adidas Originals Denim by Diesel is a minor brand as well as "Mast", the American based partner in producing underwear.
Diesel clothing has become a well known fashion attribute of the 21st century, a pioneer in modern jeans styles, designing for people who like to express their personality, and individual taste.
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