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JLO clothing line appeared in 2001 and became loved in many countries, with the help of Andy Hilfiger, Tommy's brother a new fashion company was established. The new JLO clothing brand appears to design and manufacture such fashion apparel items like gloves, hats, scarves, skirts, dresses, hats, shoes as well as fragrances, eye-wear, lingerie, handbags, watches and more.
With her sensitive way to see style and fashion, Jennifer was able to grow her clothing brand "JLO" to the heights of fashion industry receiving an award of a Grammy Fashion Designer this year (2008). In 2007 JLO by Jennifer Lopez clothing brand acquired a name "JustSweeet" in the US, but by the autumn of 2008 it will regain its original JLO by Jennifer Lopez clothing brand.
JLO tag is growing in popularity across many countries and major cities of the world as the brand opened multiple international locations. Customers flood JLO stores when there is more news on their favotite celebrity Jennifer Lopez. The fans follow the styles and adore the clothings presented in the JLO stores.
The crisis has forced a number of celebrities to refuse from releasing of their own fashion collections: Mandy Moore has closed her line of clothing Mblem, Lauren Conrad has stopped work on the new collections for an indefinite period. Now they were joined by Jennifer Lopez who recently announced the decision to halt the production of her clothing line Sweetface.
Sweetface has been successfuly marketing its fashionable products for six years, Jennifer Lopez Sweetface, launched in 2003 as a co-line of JLO by Jennifer Lopez, and after the new collection of Spring-2009 the line disappeared. Despite the recession, the main line JLO by Jennifer Lopez will continue to sell in 40 countries outside the United States. The good news is that in the near future, Jennifer will add more products to her perfume line, which already has six successful fragrances.


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