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Lacoste clothing
Founded in 1933 the Lacoste clothing company sells top quality clothing, footwear, leather goods, watches, perfumes, and eyewear for men, women and children. They are also famous suppliers of tennis shirts. Lacoste clothing has a recognisable green crocodile on all its products. A French company which has its headquarters in Paris, Lacoste clothing is sold all over the world and they have factories producing goods in over twelve countries including Morocco, Romania, Italy and Peru.

Lacoste clothing began with its famous tennis shirts with the crocodile logo which was embroidered on the chest. The company then began producing equivalent style shirts for golf and sailing. In 1951 the company decided to branch out and began to design coloured shirts as well as the famous ‘tennis whites’. A popular choice with sportsmen, Lacoste clothing became a status symbol of the well off. With sponsorship deals with well known sports stars such as Andy Roddick, and Richard Gasquet and with the brand being worn by golfers including José María Olazábal and Colin Montgomerie, the brand has become synonymous with style and quality.
The Lacoste Autumn/Winter 09-10 is full of fresh, classic colourful pieces. As usual the clothes ooze that casual chic feel and with quality fabrics in a range of strong colours, this collection is Lacoste at its classy best.

Materials used in this collection included soft fabrics such as thick Milano jersey, wool flannel and sweatshirting, all in classic navies, browns and blacks complemented with blues, pinks, greens and purples. The collection contains forty classic looks a much reduced collection than in previous seasons but it is full of effortless style.
One of the main focal points of this collection is layering in either one colour or with winter colours mixed with bright colours. By using colours such as winter whites or powder blues and contrasting them with bright colours, Lacoste have been able to add depth to the clothes and add a sophisticated appeal.
Once again the collection for men is full of sporty casual looks including classic trousers teamed with polo shirts in dark colours mixed with brighter greens, blues and purples. Patterns including stripes and checks are prevalent in the top wear and the range of footwear for men includes many classic slip on shoes and casual lace ups. There are tops, jackets and trousers in this collection all teamed together to create the Lacoste ‘preppy’ look which is so well known.
For women there are a range of skirts, blouses, trousers, dresses and sweaters in beautiful colours and soft fabrics. Many of the styles feature tailored fits in powder blues mixed with soft browns or stronger navies and blacks. In the sportswear category for women, the colour is predominantly bright pink with contrasting navy, black and grey in casual but chic styles.
Lacoste also have a range of clothes for children comprising quality pieces in rich colours including emerald greens, reds and navies. There are dresses, skirts, jackets, coats, trousers, shirts and sweaters available in soft fabrics that will provide a quality stylish look for any child.
With their range of stunning accessories including watches, eyewear, leather goods, belts and perfumes, Lacoste Clothing have something for everyone. They even have a range of home wear including bed linen and towels all emblazoned with the ‘green crocodile’. So for style and quality in classic, sophisticated looks, Lacoste Clothing is the perfect choice every time.


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