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Consistent and beautiful, the Max Mara label sells coats, shoes, handbags and fragrances, in addition to their couture womenís clothing. A number of fashion designers have worked on the Max Mara label, including Karl Lagerfeld, Luciano Soprani, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Narciso Rodriguez and Dolce & Gabbana. Many factors are attributed to the brandís success, but most importantly, itís the quality fabrics and affordable prices that are consistent with todayís marketplace. With Max Mara, consumers know that they can get designer-quality pieces without paying an out-of-tune price. Delivering this to the marketplace is how Max Mara keeps connected with its customers, listening to their feedback and suggestions.

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The House of Max Mara, commonly referred to as Max Mara, is an Italian fashion house well-known for its luxury ready-to-wear clothing. It was established by Achille Maramotti in Reggio Emilia, Italy in 1951 and operates on a global level, with over 2,200 stores in 90 countries. What makes this company so extraordinary is that it continues to be family-run, with the inner workings rarely seen by anyone outside the family. Although Maramotti passed away in 2005, he continues to be an influential presence in the fashion industry and his vision radiates in Max Maraís modern-day clothing collections.

Max Mara modern-day collections

Max Mara designed for the young

Maramotti began designing couture clothing several years before he established The House of Max Mara. He knew that the success of the future centered on designer-quality clothes that were made in mass production. Maramotti first specialized in menís couture clothing but now operates as a womenís fashion house. He conceived the Max Mara name in a unique way: The ďMaraĒ came from his surname and the ďMaxĒ came from Count Max, a local drunk who had an impeccable taste in clothing.
The Max Mara clothing label remains exceedingly popular in Italy and has expanded into a variety of other brands, including Max & Co, iBlues, Sportmax and Pennyblack. Despite the expansion into other labels, itís the couture womenís wear that remains the most successful. Max & Co is a trendy, urban collection designed for the young and is quickly gaining in popularity as well, being quite profitable for the Max Mara label.
At the time of Maramottiís death in 2005, Forbes Magazine reported that he was one of the richest men in the world. His fortune was worth $2.1 billion and is now in the hands of his two sons who are chief executors, managers and artistic directors. Maramotti is also remembered for being a man of the arts and had a passion for the Expressionists. He was also a supporter of Italian banks and chose to invest the majority of his fortune into Italian accounts, in addition to his collections of art. In fact, according to Maramottiís will, a portion of his contemporary art collections from Europe and America were made public.

Max Mara exceedingly popular

Max Mara womenís wear

Max Mara contemporary art

The Max Mara label dresses the confident business woman in modern-day society. Itís known for having clean, sleek lines, long silhouettes and modest cuts. Tailored coats, slim-fitted skirts and feminine business suits define the collection. Dark color palettes are also characteristic of the Max Mara collections, including various shades of grey, black and brown. Newer designs incorporate exotic prints and stripes, giving the collection an urban edge. Having a special knack for knitwear, Max Mara continues to be a name synonymous with luxury womenís clothing.
Although the label is known for its luxe fabrics and attention to detail, the brand doesnít sport a designer price tag. Maramottiís vision was to offer quality, fashion-forward pieces at affordable prices. This seasonís recent trends keep consistent with the Max Mara vision and include a classy collection of long trench coats with oversized buttons, lengthy dresses that feature masculine belts around the waist, and simple A-line skirts worn with V-neck blouses.
Instead of a gloomy color palette, the label incorporates hues of gold and blue, as well as fur details.The Spring 2011 collection is exceptionally vibrant, with stretch shorts and shirts in bright pinks, oranges and yellows. The tight shorts look stunning on long legs and have a way of making them pop out from underneath, flattering the female form. Jumpsuits have made their way back into fashion and Max Mara does an excellent job of making them look feminine and fun. Designed in light, nude colors, the jumpsuits are yet another way of encompassing the body and
appreciating its unique form. Cable-stitched sweaters and brightly colored belts are also a hit for the spring collection.
The Fall 2011 pieces are minimal in design and rely on subtle details, such as fox furs, petite belts, large buttons and leather gloves. The details are especially noticeable in these collections and dress a woman impeccably from head to toe. Fur scarves add character and are worn around the neck or shoulders for an upscale appearance. Tunics and knit leggings are staples in the fall collection and while simple and trendy, the Max Mara collection has a futuristic-influence that makes it stand apart from its competition. Coats still remain popular pieces from the label and many women choose to update their coat collection with a fur-lined piece from Max Mara.
Perhaps itís this flexibility and awareness of a fashion market thatís always in flux that makes Max Mara such a marketable label. With a young influence that combines modern-day technology with traditional design and craftsmanship, women of all ages, backgrounds and social levels can enjoy a piece from the Max Mara collection. Interested in making their designs last through the trends and remain staples in womenís closets, the label focuses on fine fabrics such as wool and cashmere. Although the timeless pieces are designed to outlast the seasonal trends, theyíre constantly updated with new details to create a fresh and modernized appearance.
The company continues to keep secret about what goes on behind the doors of Max Mara, but many presume that the designers that work for the label are young, intelligent and business-savvy. Max Mara will always be an influential Italian fashion house that knows how to dress the chic businesswoman.


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