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Prada will always remain an influential part of fashion history. The label is not just seen on the runway, but has been featured in the media, such as with the hit 2003 movie, The Devil Wears Prada. The company also paired with LG Electronics to offer a Prada cell phone with 3G capabilities. With flagship stores being opened throughout the world by well-known architects, buyers continue to recognize this designer fashion label as a defining element to cultural fashion.

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The newest collections from Prada exude the same professionalism and minimalism, focusing on dark, high-neck dresses, long trench coat dresses, shiny tops and tailored overcoats. The Prada clothing label has ventured away from their comfort zone, offering a more versatile color palette that incorporates vibrant orange, coastal blue and deep red. Sequins, exotic prints and diamonds have added zest to ordinary handbags and leather accessories. With every detail accounted for, Prada also integrates python-printed hosiery, pilot glasses and thick belts that define the outfits. High, black boots and petite handbags complete the newest collections that are nothing short of quality and stellar fashion.

Nice combination by Prada

Sparkling light green dress by Prada

A History of Prada in Brief
Prada is a name synonymous with high-end, designer fashion and remains a prominent status symbol for its buyers.  Although Mr. Prada had intended the business to be for his male family members, it was his daughter, Luisa Prada, who displayed interest and became Mr. Prada’s successor.
When the company was inherited by Miuccia in 1978, business was booming and making a strong presence in the fashion market. The first suitcases created by Prada were made out of heavy walrus skin, having a distinct appearance. However, as more people began traveling by plane, these suitcases became burdensome to carry around. The label began to re-shift its focus to lightweight, ergonomic suitcases that sported the same high-end appeal. The heavy luggage was replaced with bags made from wood, crystals and tortoise shells.
With the help of an Italian leathersgood businessman, Miucca discontinued importing goods to Europe and changed the face of the luggage styles. She expanded on the current products and introduced her first line of totes and backpacks that were made from military-grade black nylon. Despite the high costs of advertising, these totes were Prada’s first commercial success. It was then that Miucca began looking for wholesale accounts to sell the bags at chic fashion stores and boutiques. In 1983, a second shop was opened in Milan with an updated look that focused on sleek and contemporary lines.
The following year was another triumph, as Prada clothing began selling in the stores across Europe, released its classic black tote and established a shoe line. In 1985, the “classic Prada handbag” was placed on the market, serving as Prada’s signature item. This black tote was simple, practical and sturdy yet didn’t compromise the appearance of luxury. It was an instant victory, as affluent socialites had to have this particular handbag. With the quality and splendor of Prada, it wasn’t hard for the label to continue maturing. In 1989, Prada launched a ready-to-wear line for women and a men’s line followed in the 1990’s.

Black coat with silver boots by Prada

Classical Prada colors

Creme Prada dress & stylish handbag

Prada Fashion Trends
Today, Prada sells an extensive line of opulence that includes clothing, leather accessories, shoes, luggage and hats. Stores are seen in nearly every country around the world, making Prada a global empire. It’s not just the affluent fashionistas that are seen wearing Prada clothes and accessories. The designer fashion label is highly popular with celebrities, allowing Prada to serve as a Hollywood icon. With this stellar appeal, Prada continues to be sold at upscale department stores and boutiques.

Only the finest materials are used on Prada handbags, clothing and accessories. Even with the luxe fabrics however, the styles are understated and rely on the confidence of the wearer. Miucca is known for her neutral color palette that includes deep greens, browns, blacks and off-whites. Although simple, the designs feature a look of luxury that exudes beauty and poise. Miucca also has a knack for incorporating synthetic, textured fabrics such as crunchy polyester and parachute nylon, keeping her styles on the cutting edge of fashion.

There is not one distinct style that Prada clothing is known for and the label instead balances clean lines, lavish fabrics and original colors. The dropped waistlines and petite belts were some of the first accessories to be associated with the Prada look. In fact, the ready-to-wear women’s clothing line represented the ideal wardrobe for working women with demanding jobs. The clothing and accessory line still maintains this balance, giving traditional pieces a modern flavor. This unique approach keeps Prada at the forefront of the fashion industry, offering classic designs that never go out of style.

Outlook for Prada
Although one of the most high-ranking fashion houses in history, sales and generous shopping sprees came to a decline in the 2000s. To help pay off some of the debt the company endured, Prada launched a high-end skin care line in the U.S., Japan and Europe. The company also listed 30% of their business on the Milan Stock Exhange and sold Jil Sander, Helmut Lang and Amy Fairclough labels in 2006. The company has continued to take a hit as the American economy has slowed and both the United States and Japan have decreased the amount of money spent on extravagant items.

To keep production costs down, Prada clothing in manufactured in Italy using Chinese laborers to carry out assembly tasks. Even with the decline in revenue, Prada maintains its high-class image and continues to use the finest materials and elaborate fabrics that make each piece its own. Pushing the envelope and taking a modern attitude to traditional clothing pieces is what Prada does best, and we can only sit back and enjoy what the fashion line has to offer buyers, even in these tough economic times.

Prada elegant print dress

Prada high class image

What prada does best

Prada sit back enjoy

Prada fashion Italian style

Prada extensive line


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