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Since Hilfiger’s designs are inspired by traditional classics, his collections continue to outlast the seasonal trends and instead remain staples in the closets of its owners. His latest collections are relaxed, comfortable and cool, perfect for youthful men and women with a laidback attitude. A diverse color palette keeps the pieces interesting, while giving wearers plenty of options that match their personality. And it’s a strong personality that makes Hilfiger clothes look undeniably composed; a trademark of Hilfiger’s own take on fashion.

Born with fashion on his mind, Tommy Hilfiger launched his signature collection in 1984. He had spent nearly 15 years devoting his time to fashion, despite the fact that his parents had hoped for him to be an engineer. With different plans for his future, Hilfiger attended high school and then began working retail instead of furthering his education. He ventured down to New York City and purchased denim jeans and bell-bottoms. He would then redesign them with his own fresh approach and sell them to a local boutique in downtown Elmira called Brown’s.

Tommy Hilfiger - fashion engineer at heart

Tommy Hilfiger - highlights from the collection

With experience customizing denim apparel, Hilfiger opened his first chain of stores, with one just around the corner from Brown’s called People’s Place. Although a clothing store, the place was more of a hangout than a source of revenue. People’s Place had live DJ appearances, contests and young crowds of teens that made the location lively, but the store eventually went bankrupt when Hilfiger was only 25 years old. Hilfiger then began focusing his attention on his other People’s Place locations located in upstate New York. Around this time, Hilfiger was beginning to draw interest from other designer labels and was offered a job with Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis. Hilfiger respectively declined with better hopes in mind.
In 1979, Hilfiger relocated to New York and began focusing his energy on his fashion designing career and caught the attention of Mohan Murjani. A swift businessman interested in launching a collection of menswear, Murjani believed that he and Hilfiger would make a strong team. With financial backing from Murjani and a keen fashion sense from Hilfiger, the first men’s collection was launched in 1985 and included a tasteful blend of classics that sported a modern edge.
Button down shirts and chinos were highlights from the collection, and the label began priding itself on traditional pieces with youthful, modernized touches. Since Hilfiger’s designs are fresh updates on time-honored traditions, his collections are always on the forefront of fashion. His designs reflect modern-day culture and adapt to the changing trends of the season, while maintaining their unique charm and appeal. To integrate in a dynamic culture, Hilfiger was well-known for his significant advertising. Unlike other marketing campaigns that drew feedback, Hilfiger’s advertisements formed mutually rewarding relationships with influential individuals. The relationship between Hilfiger and George Lois for example, led to a noteworthy hangman ad that hung in New York’s Times Square and a successful book deal.

Tommy Hilfiger - synonymous with cutting-edge fashion

Tommy Hilfiger - enriching physical and emotional wellbeing

Tommy Hilfiger - powerful character

Marketing campaigns in the 1990s included music icons Britney Spears and Lenny Kravitz. Tommy Hilfiger continued to have a collaborative effort with music, and in 2009, the company unleashed a new Hilfiger Denim website that allowed consumers to browse through the denim jean selections while listening to a wide range of tunes; all inspirations behind the denim creations. With Hilfiger’s self-motivated approach to not only fashion, but business, marketing and retail, he has earned numerous awards, global recognition and an unprecedented existence in a competitive market.
A name synonymous with cutting-edge fashion that never goes out of style, Tommy Hilfiger has made a presence in other areas beside fashion. In 1995, Hilfiger presented The Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation that was designed to improve the lives of youth by enriching their physical and emotional wellbeing. Hilfiger has also served on the board of directors for a youth group that sends disadvantaged children to summer camps, has participated in the Race to Erase MS and has supported breast cancer research.
In 2009, Hilfiger made one of his greatest contributions and donated over $2 million to Millennium Promise, an organization whose goal is to eliminate extreme poverty. This involvement in non-profit groups demonstrates that Hilfiger is more than a fashion designer; he’s a powerful character that has brought significant changes to the world in which his designs are valued. In March 2010, Phillips-Van Heusen bought the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation for $3 billion. He too, owns the Calvin Klein fashion brand.
Tommy Hilfiger is recognized for being an upscale brand and includes a delightful collection of trendy tees, denim jeans and fragrances. A home goods collection is also available and sells traditional-inspired favorites such as floral bedding and beach-themed linens. Merchandise is sold globally at high-end department stores and specialty stores. In fact, in 2008, the Tommy Hilfiger brand stated that they would only be selling their products at Macy’s and Tommy Hilfiger boutiques.
For the guys, button-down plaid shirts are a staple of Hilfiger’s recent collections and look handsome with rolled up cuffs and a few unsnapped buttons. Chinos in khaki and cream colors are highlights from the Summer 2011 collection and look fitting with casual knit sweaters and preppy striped ties. Slim-fitted suits top off the business-casual look and offer subtle details such as notched collars, large buttons and distinct pockets.
The girls’ collections are both fashionable and fun, with a charming offering of bouncy dresses with a flirty edge. Cotton shirtdresses are casual and comfortable without leaving out a feminine touch. Unique details give the dresses their modernization, including exposed zippers, layers of ruffles, patch pockets, rollable sleeves and self-tie belts. Double-breasted trench coats keep consistent with the latest runway spectaculars, while A-line skirts slim down the stomach and waist for a uniform look.
Tommy Hilfiger is never afraid to incorporate bursts of color and the Winter collections for women include different shades of pink paired with black, as well as olive green, off whites and khaki colors. Long trench coats worn with denim jeans and tall brown boots are final attractions for the season’s upcoming looks.



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