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Sirens clothing brand belongs to YM Inc. founded in Canada. It has now become one of the top fashion retailers in Northern America. Along with other fashion concepts as Stitches, Urban Planet, Siblings, Suzy Shier and Bluenotes, Sirens targets younger female generation, offering the latest trendy urban clubwear clothing. The perfect mix for a Saturday night can always be found by shoppers at Sirens. Glamorous, breathtaking looks can be affordable at the stores, there is no need in spending a fortune for a similar to high fashion magazine cover style.
The clothing and accessories are designed for young modern women and presented for sale in a creative, fun and easy way. The stores have a chic decoration with a unique electric vibe of fluorescent and halogen lights combined with crystal chandeliers and other creative decor. The interior of the stores are well designed for a club atmosphere. Sirens is the leader in moderate pricing for the young generation of ladies that love to dress up well enough and enter any cool club of their choice.
100 million of them...
Quoted from YM inc: They have been called the MySpace Generation, Global Teens and the iGeneration, and their characteristics and subgroups are as varied as the labels demographers have tried to pin on them. So far, no clear label has stuck. They are the consumer group following hard on the heels of Generation X, and their segments constitute the principal consumers targeted by the YM Inc. group of companies.
They are as young as eight, as old as 30, and there are as many as 100 million of them. They are tech-savvy, media saturated multi-taskers. They know what they want and are prepared to commit to working hard to get it. They see themselves as unique even though they want to belong to a cohort. Within their group, they continually seek ways to stand out by creating a unique “personal brand.” They know how to spend, but they also know something about saving. Success is important to them and they’re prepared to do what needs to be done, provided the prospect of the reward is there. They are constantly in touch—with each other, and with what’s new and cool.



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